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We have been working with debt collection firms for a long time and understand the importance of building our solutions to fit your collections strategy.

Top 10 reasons why you should choose Daviker’s Dialler solution for your collections team:

  • One stop “contact centre in a box” solution.
  • Easy integration with your existing collections software and back office system.
  • Call recording fulfilling a legal requirement to obtain contracts.
  • Whisper coaching to help improve staff performance.
  • Transparency to clients provided by advanced reporting.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Free of charge monthly training.
  • Best value for money solution.
  • Fully compliant with ALL Ofcom and FCA regulations.
  • An expert business development manager to optimise use of the technology.

Debt Collection diallerWhen you combine the efficiency of the dialler together with Daviker’s workforce management and speech analytics solution not only will you achieve your clients’ SLAs, but also get ahead of the curve in relation to compliance with the FCA (see FCA Practitioners’ Pack).

Using the quality assessment forms built into Daviker’s speech analytics solution you can apply all or some of the Direct Marketing Associations (2012) Guidelines for call centres dealing with vulnerable consumers.

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I would certainly recommend both Daviker and TouchStar. TouchStar felt like it was designed for the collections industry and Daviker are a great company to work with.

David Summerscales - Collections Manager

Chantry Collections

I was very impressed with the smooth and quick installation of TouchStar, the Daviker staff provided us with support throughout.

Lucy Sargent

Newlyn Collections

TouchStar Designed for Debt Collections Industry

The business needed to become more efficient to retain its value to the overall group. Chantry spoke to a number of suppliers of dialling solutions, and were impressed with the TouchStar system’s dialling capability, reliability and regulatory compliance.
Soon it became apparent that the TouchStar option would be the most beneficial. David commented: “The more we looked at the different systems on the market, the more it seemed that the TouchStar system was designed with the needs of the Collections industry in mind.”
Aside from the need to improve the efficiency of data usage, there were a number of other reasons why Chantry chose the TouchStar System...

Substantially Increased Collections

Almost immediately collections increased on a daily basis and staff motivation climbed - they became more successful and targets were beaten each day. The agents were able to operate in two teams, providing a competitive element to the workforce, leading to increased motivation and productivity.

Further key benefits included:

  • Organisational control vastly improved due to the use of the TouchStar reporting suite.
  • The integration of the client software within the agent script allowed data to be written back to the database without error or duplication, massively improving productivity.
  • Monitoring and reporting has improved agent training, provided healthy competition and increased motivation. Improved team morale amongst the staff has created an atmosphere in which they are encouraged to beat their targets.
  • Simultaneously, there has been a decrease in staff turnover as training can be better targeted at weaker performers before they start to fail, get frustrated and leave.
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