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Industries We Specialise In

Daviker has developed a great understanding of the verticals we operate in and are able to create solutions and provide customer support with expert knowledge, commitment and focus. Daviker supply companies across a broad range of industries from SME to multinational blue chip organisations.

Financial Services


Our customer provide a wide range of financial services in the prime and sub prime markets such as mortgage, loans, pay day advances and peer to peer lending.

Accountancy & Legal


Daviker customers deliver a wide range of professional accountancy services to consumers and businesses throughout the UK and Europe.



Our telemarketing customers run campaigns on behalf of some of the best know brands world wide delivering consistently high results and detailed MI.

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Claims Management


Our solutions allow our customers handle a wide variety of claims such as RTA, Personal Injury, PPI, Mis-Sold Mortgages all the way through to Industrial Disease.



Daviker work with some of the best known British insurers who provide a range of insurance policies such as Life, Home, Contents, Car, Bike and Van.

Debt Management


We support some of the UK largest IVA and Debt Management organisations so they can help their customers find solutions for their debt problems.

Debt Collection


We've been working with collections firms for a long time and understand the importance of building our solutions to fit the collections strategy.

TouchStar Dialler.

Increase Compliance & Best Practice.

The TouchStar Predictive Dialler is the only product on the market to simultaneously combine multiple Outbound Dialling modes such as Predictive, Power, Progressive and Preview. Ultimately TouchStar helps to boost call centre performance by up to 300%, reduces costs and increases staff visibility.

By combining our powerful Outbound Dialling with our advanced inbound capabilities we ensure your call centre is operating at an optimum and consistent level.

Offering solutions across multiple industries our TouchStar Predictive Dialler has had great success in the Claims Management, Debt Collections, Debt Management, IVA, Insurance and Telemarketing industries.

By offering specific features and benefits that can be tailored to each industry TouchStar increases the productivity of agents by up to 300% ensuring that every bit of data is maximised.

TotalWorkFlow Management Software.

Making businesses more efficient and profitable.

TotalWorkFlow Management Software has been designed to make tasks more manageable for organisations with complex and repetitive processes in place. Offering solutions for small to medium sized business, TotalWorkFlow compliments businesses in a range of industry sectors.

Many industries have benefitted from our TotalWorkFlow Management Software, however specific industries where TotalWorkFlow has prospered include Call Centres, Claims Management, Financial Services, Debt Recovery and PPI Case Management.

We understand that today’s markets and industries are volatile and ever changing, so that’s why we have ensured TotalWorkFlow has the capacity to manage, modify and change its processes to make your investment truly futureproof.

Daviker has developed a great understanding of the verticals we operate in and are able to create solutions and provide customer support with expert knowledge, commitment and focus. Daviker supply companies across a broad range of industries with clients ranging from SME to multinational blue chip organisations.

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DDC Outsourcing Solutions has been developing and delivering critical information management and BPO solutions since 1987. Services include digital mailroom solutions, customer acquisition, multimedia response handling and accounts payable processing, as well as document scanning, data capture and many more.

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