Daviker’s Dialler

What is the difference between a predictive, power & progressive dialler?

Good question! Very simply predictive dialling works by calculating when an agent is likely to finish their current call and before the current call is completed initiating another number to make sure the agent has another caller as soon as possible. Power dialling and progressive dialling are phrases that are used to mean the same thing, Power/Progressive dialling means that once and agent is available the system will automatically initiate another call but not before.

How many agents do I need for predictive dialling?

We would recommend a minimum of 8 agents, but this can be slightly lower dependent on the contact rate of your data and expected call durations. With a lower number of agents you would have problems running any dialler efficiently and compliantly.

What is AMD (Answering Machine Detection)?

AMD is the process of automatically filtering out answering machines before they get to the agent. Daviker’s dialler has answering machine detection which can eliminate up to 80% of answering machines, in the event of Daviker’s dialler being unsure it will always pass the call to an agent to decide.

What type of dialler is right for my business?

Typically if you are calling consumers clients would use predictive dialling above 8 agents unless their data is very expensive and simply cannot afford to drop a call. If you are running smaller teams or the data is very expensive then it may be more appropriate to run Power dialling. If a contact centre is calling businesses then usually Power dialling would be recommended unless the data you are calling has a very low contact rate or is mainly made up on ‘one man bands’, in that case Predictive may be more appropriate.

Will the dialler integrate with my phone system?

Yes, Daviker’s dialler can integrate with all phone systems that support SIP or ISDN30.

Will Daviker’s dialler integrate with my CRM?

In most cases yes, we have integrated Daviker’s dialler with lots of different CRMs’ over the years. If you want to know if we have integrated with your exact CRM please call our sales team to discuss it further.

Can I build my own reports and scripts?

Yes. Daviker’s dialler has a sophisticated scripting tool which allows you to create your own scripts with logic, calculations and branching. You can create your own reports directly from our open SQL database or within our report writing tool.

Does dialler adhere to all Ofcom regulations and how does it do this?

Daviker’s dialler adheres to all current Ofcom regulations such as meeting the 3% drop call rate, drop call message delivery, AMD, CLI presentation and recall timers. Daviker customers are also able to request free of charge compliance audits at any time from the Customer Support.

Workforce Management

What will Daviker WFM do for my business?

Daviker Workforce Managment (WFM) makes sure you have the right number of staff with the right skills to meet your day-to-day operational demands, SLA’s and KPI’s without overstaffing and, therefore, unnecessary costs. By creating highly accurate workforce forecasts Daviker WFM can reduce workforce costs by a staggering 30% whilst still meeting your desired SLA’s.

How many staff do I need to utilise work force management?

We recommend a minimum of 25 staff to really utilise Daviker WFM. Any less than this and the reality is that there isn’t enough flexibility in the shifts to make and significant differences.

My contact centre handles inbound calls, emails, IM and SMS, will Daviker work force management be able to handle all these interactions?

Yes! Daviker WFM can handle multiple interaction channels and forecast your workforce across all of them simultaneously.

Typically what level of staff savings could we expect?

We have users who are experiencing direct staff savings of over 30%. In addition to that the time spent forecasting, shift distribution, shift swapping and general administration has been significantly reduced.

What type of businesses use Daviker WFM?

Very simply any business can use WFM that has a large number of staff and lots of shifts to co-ordinate. We have clients in industries such as retail, contact centres, banking and distribution.

Speech Analytics

What does Daviker Speech Analytics do?

Daviker Speech Analytics monitors and analyses the audio content of your calls 24/7/365. It enables your business to automatically check what is and what isn’t being said on every call, allowing your QA team to focus on high risk calls identified to them.

What type of calls can Daviker Speech Analytics monitor?

Daviker Speech Analytics can monitor all calls in and out of your business across many different platforms. We can monitor calls on your telephone system, inbound call centre platform, dialler and even mobile phones.

Can we search historical call recordings?

Yes. Daviker Speech Analytics can mine old call recordings for important information to identify things that may have been missed in the past. This will be dependent on your current call recording platform providing us with high quality calls.

How accurate is Daviker Speech Analytics?

The answer is very. Daviker Speech Analytics depends on creating phonetic phrases specific to your required search criteria. The better the criteria is, the better the analysis will be. An example of this is “14 day cooling off period”. Daviker will help you to create search criteria to cover as many different ways of saying ‘14 day cooling off’, for example ‘two weeks’, ‘a fortnight’ and any other ways we’ve identified during our analysis.

What format are the call recordings kept in?

Calls are kept in an encrypted GSM WAV file which cannot be modified and admissible in court.

Can we flag high risk calls to management as calls are being made?

Yes you can! As soon as a call is completed Daviker Speech Analytics will analyse the call and flag it to management immediately via an intuitive dashboard if it is considered to be high risk or contain specific phrases.

Will Daviker Speech Analytics be able to analyse my agent’s regional accents and work in multiple languages?

It certainly will, with Daviker Speech Analytics we can create custom phonetics phrase matching to suit your agents and customers dialects and languages.


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