Workforce Management

Workforce Management looks at all the different interactions within your contact centre and your business and using statistical analysis makes sure you have the right staff with the right skills in place to meet your goals. It does this whilst at the same time keeping your staff levels, and therefore costs, to a minimum.

This solution allows you to be flexible with your shifts and staff, and uses this flexibility to meet your customers’ needs. The beauty of Workforce Management is that you can actually see the cost of each shift you create. With this solution, we’ve seen staffing costs decrease by more than 30%, as well as huge reductions in administration workload – schedules can be created for 1000’s of staff, factor in tens of thousands of criteria and then be distributed to everyone involved in minutes.

A business using Workforce Management will have a better understanding of all the channels they have to serve, understand their workforce’s availability and skills, and therefore have a much better chance of delivering customer excellence whilst creating a more satisfied workforce.

We understand contact centres as a whole and therefore our Workforce Management System and our expertise combine to take into account the demands, inputs and processes within your business to provide a solution to manage your workforce optimally whilst better serving your customers.

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Key Features

  • Uses statistical analysis to make sure you have the right staff, with the right skills, in place to meet your goals.
  • Obvious and immediate staff saving.
  • Ability to offer shifts that would have been too difficult to administrate previously, such as – part-time, occasional hours, and flexi-time.
  • Consolidates all your interactions into one system.
  • Allows you to be flexible with shifts, staff and use this flexibility to meet your customer’s needs.
  • Your customers will notice an improved level of service.
  • Matches schedules with your work force’s availability.
  • Creates schedules for thousands of staff, factoring tens of thousands of criteria, and distributes the schedules to everyone involved, in minutes.
  • Your business will have a better understanding of all the channels they have to serve.
  • Distributes the schedule to your team via email and SMS.
  • Web Portal for Agents to access shifts and submit requests.
  • Real Time Adherence and Historical Reporting. Align them.

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Key Benefits

Reduce Overall Staff Costs by up to 30%.
By making sure you have the right number of staff with the right skills to meet your day-to-day operational demands, Workforce Management can reduce your workforce costs by up to 30% whilst still meeting your desired SLA’s.
Increase Forecast Accuracy for all Interactions.
Monitoring interactions, forecasting demands and scheduling a workforce is a continually evolving business challenge. Davikers Workforce Management quickly uses statistical historical analysis rather than guesswork and assumptions to provide highly accurate, efficient and cost-effective workforce schedules.
Consolidate, Analyse & Forecast in one Easy to use Solution.
Davikers Workforce Managment consolidates and analyses all your business interactions channels such as email, phone calls and workflow tasks. Then, using statistical analysis and historical trends, Daviker Workforce Management accurately forecasts your exact workforce requirements.
Reduce Administration & Automate Laborious Tasks.
Davikers Workforce Management automates laborious tasks such as shift creation, communication and administration generating forecasts in as little as 30 seconds. All holiday requests, shift exchanges and absences are all handled quickly and easily by Workforce Management. Forecasts can then be communicated to the whole workforce at the click of a button via email and SMS.


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