Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to automatically identify what is and what isn’t being said on all your calls 24/7/365.

The goal of Speech Analytics is to identify high risk calls to your Quality Control department. The tool will identify the needles to your Quality Control team so they don’t have to wade through the hay stack to ensure Quality Control is listening to the right type of calls, not just the right quantity of calls.

The two major benefits of Speech Analytics are compliance and performance. It can automatically score every single call against your compliance criteria in real time and can analyse and score all calls for selling opportunities achieved and missed. It also allows for greater learning opportunities for your agents as immediate feedback can be requested following a flagged call for poor performance or compliance risk.

Daviker have been building contact centre solutions with an emphasis on increasing performance and compliance for over a decade. We use this same methodology when implementing a Speech Analytics solution. We find that working this way with a focus on performance and compliance means the tool is received far better than when it is just used as a fault finder. We implement Speech Analytics solutions that increase performance, increase compliance and add value across the whole business.

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Key Features

  • Allows you to automatically identify what is, and what isn’t being said on your calls 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Identifies high risk calls to your Quality Control department.
  • Identifies all selling opportunities taken and missed, and scores each call, agent and team against your sales pitch criteria.
  • We build a library of all the phrases you want to identify, and all the different ways of saying those phrases.
  • Automatically scores every single call against your compliance criteria, in real time.
  • Instant feedback means that performance can be affected very quickly.
  • Analyses 100% of the calls, 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Full transcription of your call recordings.
  • Identify Root Cause Analysis for Spikes within your Contact centre.

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Key Benefits

Drive Performance.
Daviker Speech Analytics drives performance by allowing every call made by every agent to be checked for cross selling opportunities, the use of best practice and appropriate closing techniques. With Speech Analytics valuable information can be mined from live and historical call recordings such as competitor information and common objections which can then become the basis for further training. Agents are quickly presented with scores on their calls, areas of concern and suggestions for improvements, rapidly increasing their chances of success.
Drive Compliance.
Compliance will be significantly improved with Speech Analytics due to the fact that every call, rather than a small percentage are being checked. With Speech Analytics each call is scored against predetermined criteria and calls with low compliance scores are immediately highlighted to management for action. Compliance scoring allows team leaders and management to see their current compliance score in real-time via the Speech Analytics dashboard, allowing them to quickly identify and deal with issues.
Reduce Costs and Increase Profitability.
Daviker Speech Analytics can reduce compliance costs significantly by focusing your compliance team on the high risk or low quality calls in the business rather than spending time looking for those needles in haystacks. In a typical contact centre environment we have found that just 4.8% of all calls are analysed for compliance, quality and best practice. With Daviker Speech Analytics you can be confident that 100% of all calls 24/7/365 are being analysed to drive compliance and performance.


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  • "The FCA racks up a record total of £472m in fines in its first yearCan you afford your calls not to be compliant?"

  • "We wanted to make sure our customer service team were saying the right things at the right time, so that we are always putting the customer first and keeping in line with the correct regulations."