Daviker’s Predictive Dialler

Daviker’s dialler is the complete outbound dialler and contact centre solution providing all of the features and functionalities you need to operate a highly successful and profitable contact strategy.

Our Predictive Dialler automates the dialling process, meaning your call centre operators do not have to sit waiting for the phone to be answered, to go to voicemail, or to ring off completely, which means they can spend more time on calls – talk time can increase by up to 400%.

With Daviker’s dialler, data utilisation and penetration can be increased by as much as 600% whilst ensuring you are 100% Ofcom, TPS and PCI compliant. The full reporting suite gives Managers real-time and historical information providing them with the tools to drive the performance of the call centre and make immediate changes where necessary. The full call recording capabilities and advanced scripting function are easy to use and effective.

The Daviker predictive dialler is a cost effective, feature rich outbound dialler provided by a company that has the resources to support your business and has a proven track record of delivering 1st class solutions.

Daviker’s Predictive Dialler Film

Key Features

  • Features such as call queueing, comfort messaging, ACD and a very strong IVR.
  • Follows a set of rules when calling records, to maximise data penetration.
  • Gives your management the tool they need to drive the overall performance of the contact centre.
  • Full reporting suite, which gives CCM’s real time and historical information about how the contact centre is performing.
  • Talk time has been seen to increase by up to 400% – even up to 190% over other diallers.
  • Able to see on a campaign, team and agent level exactly where your contact centres performance is coming from.
  • Ability to record calls even after they have been transferred to a 3rd party.
  • Data penetration and utilisation has been seen to increase by 600%.
  • Provides your CCM with more live information about the performance of your call centre than ever before.
  • Maximises your agent talk time.
  • Scripting with decision tree logic to guide your agents through the call.
  • Integration with 3rd Party Applications and CRM’s. Align them.

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Key Benefits

Increase Contact Centre Productivity by up to 400%.
Daviker’s dialler has been proven to increase productivity from manual dialling by up to 400% and even by up to 190% over other predictive diallers. By removing unproductive calls such as no answers, answering machines and dead numbers from ever reaching agents talk time can increase by a factor of three. Further productivity gains are provided by agent, campaign and data management information which allows you to see exactly what is going on in your contact centre in real time.
Increase Data Penetration & Utilisation by up to 600%.
With data becoming more difficult and expensive to source it is essential to achieve the best utilisation in order to maximise your investment and returns. Daviker’s dialler drives down data costs by identifying duplicates in new data files and increasing data penetration and utilisation. Daviker’s dialler provides detailed management information allowing contact centre staff to quickly assess which data is performing in real time.
100% Compliant with Ofcom, PCI and TPS.
Daviker are at the forefront of contact centre compliance and regularly work with governing bodies to advise on compliance within the industry. Daviker’s dialler complies with all current regulations such as Ofcom, PCI and TPS. Daviker’s dialler promotes best practice in your contact centre through the use of intelligent scripting, coaching and monitoring and real time reporting enabling you to create trusted process and identify quickly if they aren’t being followed. With Daviker’s dialler you won’t have to sacrifice compliance to achieve incredible performance.
Reduce Costs – Save Money.
By increasing the overall productivity in the contact centre Daviker’s dialler has been able to deliver savings in direct staff costs of up to 60%. Further savings are delivered through reduced management overhead and office costs.


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