What’s the Difference Between Workforce Management and Workflow Software?

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There are a lot of phrases thrown about in relation to improving the productivity of a contact centre, and many are quite self-explanatory.

But when the terms are quite similar—such as is the case with workforce management and workflow software —it is not always immediately obvious which is which, and what each means.

Luckily in this case, it is easy to distinguish between the two, and that distinction is a good starting point to understanding each.

Remember, your workforce is your people, whereas your workflow is your projects.

Workforce management improves productivity and performance from the human perspective, by putting the right people in place for each shift.

Workflow software improves productivity from the perspective of the work itself, defining tasks, splitting them into manageable chunks, and allocating them to individuals and teams of employees.

Each has the potential to substantially improve your performance, and there is no reason not to combine the two for even greater productivity gains.

Workforce Management

Daviker Workforce Management puts the right people in place for each shift, ensuring you have the correct selection of skills at your disposal at any one time.

This includes forecasting your needs for the future, taking into account planned holidays and unplanned sickness absence, and predicting your total cost of running each future shift.

You can start to achieve realistic gains with a workforce as small as 25 people: the more you have, the more flexibility your workforce offers, allowing Workforce Management to make more changes for better gains.

There are multiple benefits, including reduced admin burden, as scheduling and forecasting can be automated, and direct staff savings of more than 30% in some cases.


Daviker TotalWorkFlow is our workflow software solution, which optimises the delivery of repetitive processes.

These can be altered, updated, added or removed at any time, either with our support or directly by your own managers.

Licensing is based on the size of your call centre, rather than your workforce; therefore, if you employ 100 people but only have 50 on site at any one time, your licence is based on a 50-user cohort.

Like Workforce Management, TotalWorkFlow has been linked to increases of 30% in productivity, and that is compared with other workflow solutions.

If you have no specific workflow solution in place already, TotalWorkFlow could be your key to unlocking substantial productivity gains, while reducing admin and ensuring compliance with all appropriate legislation.