Workforce management unlocks the power of your people

/ Workforce Management

The money you spend on your employees is likely to be one of the biggest overall expenses your business faces, so it’s important to get maximum return on investment out of those man hours.

Making the best use of your employees isn’t just good for your bottom line; it can also be good for morale, as individuals can see that their abilities are being recognised and appreciated, and work allocated to them that is appropriate for their experience and level of seniority.

Daviker Workforce Management allows you to build shift patterns that put effective and efficient teams together, as well as forecasting the exact cost of each shift in terms of salaries.

You can include thousands of people in a single shift plan, with cost calculations based on tens of thousands of different factors, and the finished schedule can be distributed to everyone who needs to see a copy of it in just a few minutes.

What does it save?

Workforce Management is all about maximising efficiency, and that means making several different kinds of savings.

For example, by scheduling the right people at the right times, you can meet all of the demands with fewer workers, cutting down on the number of people on site and on the number of man hours you have to pay for.

At the same time, this saves on idle workers sitting around waiting for something to do, and creates an atmosphere in which working, rather than idling, is the default state.

Together this adds up to substantial cost savings on your staffing – in some cases knocking as much as a third off of the total wage bill per shift.

Why is it better for staff?

For some employees, the idea of getting paid to sit around might sound appealing, but many want to feel valued and that they are making a valid contribution to the company.

Improving efficiency doesn’t necessarily mean making redundancies – you could offer more flexible working conditions, part-time hours, and even job-sharing arrangements or paid overtime.

Workforce Management makes it easier to keep control over these different modes of working, so that you are not just offering a ‘one size fits all’ style of employment to everyone who works for you.

Consolidate and automate

WFM is more than just a planning tool – it collates all your different business channels, such as telephone, email and workflow tasks, analyses past statistics and current criteria, and accurately forecasts the workforce you need for the future.

You can use the platform to automate time-consuming admin tasks like holiday requests and staff absences, with updates issued via SMS or email, keeping important individuals in your workforce informed of any last-minute changes to the shift and making sure the efficiency gained by using WFM is not lost due to human factors.