What sort of improvement can I expect with workforce management software?

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Our third and final article in this series on quantifiable improvements looks at Daviker Workforce Management and how it can help you to make sure your employees are delivering good value for the amount you pay them each day.

In particular, it’s not just about individuals – it’s about seeing your workforce as a pool of talent, and ensuring that the best possible balance of skills is present on any given day.

You might be limited by the total size of your office, so that you will always be striking a compromise in terms of exactly who is scheduled to work at any given time.

Or you may find it difficult to recruit individuals with the exact skills you need; in this case, you need to be certain that you do not schedule your most experienced staff to all work at once, and leave yourself with periods during which your office is entirely staffed with new recruits.

Daviker Workforce Management can take into account all of these different factors, along with general admin like sickness absence, annual leave and even swapping shifts.

The result? A less admin-burdened management, and a better balanced workforce in general.

Staffing Costs

The most easily quantifiable improvement here is in terms of total staffing costs as, when you have the right people in place, you can save money on employees who might otherwise have been sitting idle or performing at less than their maximum potential efficiency.

Daviker Workforce Management predicts the number of staff you will need, as well as the mix of skills you will need, and helps you to create a shift pattern that delivers this.

Overall – and crucially without compromising on your delivery of SLAs – we would expect to see reductions in staffing costs of around 30% in some cases.

Accurate Forecasts

The system is designed to treat reporting as a single task, whether that means analysing current operations, or predicting future needs.

Incorporating all of the available data, Daviker Workforce Management will therefore provide the most accurate forecast possible of your workforce requirements for future shifts.

Combined Efficiencies

Of course, the best total improvement comes from implementing multiple systems in a single contact centre.

Daviker’s TouchStar Predictive Dialler, teamed with speech analytics software to flag up any red-alert calls, can optimise your call operations.

TotalWorkFlow software can help you to effectively manage your workflow, assigning projects where they will be carried out most effectively.

And workforce management is all about your human capital, so you are not spending on the wrong people for the job on any given day.

While any one statistic might be impressive for any one of these solutions, the combined efficiencies when they are implemented together can be truly astounding.

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