When your workforce is managed by a robot…

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OK, we’re not talking about ‘the rise of the machines’ here, no software is going sentient and rebelling against us all – and indeed, you would not want to put an excessive amount of control in the hands of an automated system.

However, a ‘robotic’ workforce that could be of benefit to you is one that combines the best automation has to offer with the perception and agility of the experienced human business brain.

To this end, workforce and workflow management systems can help you to make decisions based on complete and accurate data, rather than relying on your sense of having an instinctive overview of operations – that is not to say that you don’t have a good idea of where things stand, but simply that sometimes a helping hand doesn’t go amiss.

For example…

Scale and Perspective

No matter who you are, there is an upper limit on the size of project that you can single-handedly manage; this is why businesses have complex and sprawling management structures, so no one team becomes too large to keep under control.

But this top-down management style can become challenged during periods of rapid growth, one-off large orders and projects, or times of transformation when the company is taking on new revenue streams.

Workflow software allows the largest of projects to be broken down into manageable workloads – think of it like cutting up your dinner into bite-sized mouthfuls – and these can then be allocated to the most appropriate staff for the job.

Leave of Absence

It’s a fundamental fact of business that not all of your employees will be at work on every single day – and workforce management software can respond rapidly to pre-booked holidays and unexpected sickness absences alike.

Significantly, this means you can draft in reinforcements not just at random, but selected from the pool of employees who share the same skills and expertise as your absentee.

Knowing this off-hand would be challenging no matter how good your memory may be; the software takes the strain, and can help you to run a seamless operation in spite of personnel changes.

Minimal Admin

Finally, it’s not just your workforce who stand to benefit from handing some power to our future robot masters – it can make things much, much easier for you too.

Ease the strain and let the software do the work, and you can reduce your personal stress levels, while freeing up much-needed time to devote to your other management tasks, for much broader business benefits than you might ever have imagined.