What sort of improvement can I expect with workflow management software?

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This second article in our series of three continues our look at the real-world improvements that can be achieved by making use of some of Daviker’s core solutions.

If TouchStar Predictive Dialler is a way to cut the slack from your contact centre, so call operators are not sitting on empty or engaged telephone lines, then TotalWorkFlow workflow software is a way to extend this kind of efficiency to all of the work you assign to your employees.

Streamline your working processes, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce errors and prioritise what’s left, and you can increase your completion rate, and accelerate the pace at which each project reaches completion.

But how does it break down into figures? Let’s look closer…


Again, productivity is the key consideration, and with TotalWorkFlow in place we would expect to achieve productivity increases in some cases of more than 30%, even when you already have another workflow software solution in place.

This is a combination of reducing workloads, thanks to Background Process Execution, and improving the efficiency of what’s left by mapping the project and assigning it to individuals who can carry it out with the greatest prudence.


As in our previous article in this series, the important number in terms of compliance is always 100%.

It only takes an isolated example of non-compliance to create considerable difficulty for your organisation, with the threat of fines or enforcement action, or even the revocation of your licence to carry out certain activities.

On this most critical of metrics, TotalWorkFlow can help by creating a paper trail for all of the work you do as you go along, enabling audits by project, individual task or even by individual user.

Check on employees and group projects as and when you like; and take swift action to resolve any concerns before they develop into demonstrable examples of non-compliance.

Customisable Visibility

We are proud of the customisation options in TotalWorkFlow so that it is not just a one-size-fits-all system, but can be tailored to suit your exact needs.

Modify user screens and workflow displays to collect the information you need, without wasting time filling in fields you will never use.

Likewise, this information can be displayed whenever you need to see it – we mentioned monitoring above, but the depth of visibility that is possible in TotalWorkFlow is worth a second mention.

This extends beyond directly monitoring the current situation; the system can also predict the future (sort of) to identify expected dates of completion for projects, and to predict potential bottlenecks so you can take pre-emptive action against them.

But what if, instead of managing your workflow, you’d rather manage your workforce instead? Our next article will look at how you can do just that, and improve efficiency from a people perspective.

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