Daviker Work Force Management – reducing staffing overhead by up to 30%

/ Daviker

Scheduling shift workers has always been a “dark art”.  Armed with spreadsheets and calculators managers with the best intentions made decisions that could dramatically improve or destroy profitability. With more and more pressure on businesses to reduce costs whilst meeting stringent SLA’s we are pleased to announce the launch of Daviker WorkForce Management (WFM).

Daviker WFM analyses interactions from multiple sources including such things as inbound and outbound calls, SMS, emails, Chat, Footfall and Epos transactions to build an accurate forecast of all interactions with your business.

Using these interactions allows Daviker WFM to build schedules and create “what if “ scenarios all at the click of a mouse. Daviker WFM enables management to try different models and accurately predict the outcome, for example what would the cost be to move from an 80/20 SLA to a 90/10? Daviker WFM can answer these questions.

Daviker WFM isn’t only for contact centres, it can be used in any large organisation such as retail outlets, Airports, NHS and be across single or multiple sites.
“We often see businesses whereby their workforce is scheduled 8-6 Monday to Friday without any consideration of actual workload. Daviker WFM takes away guesswork and assumptions and replaces it with data and statistical analysis, that’s why we have seen reductions in staff overhead of up to 30%”.

Dave Fricker, Managing Director