How Will Speech Analytics Benefit My Business?

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Speech Analytics is a powerful tool that will really improve and be advantageous to your call centre. We’re all told that the benefits are wide and far-reaching, not only affecting your customers but also your workforce and your bottom line – but what exactly are these benefits?

A good place to start is to find out exactly what this software does. The basic function of Speech Analytics is to allow you to control what is being said on 100% of your calls 24/7/365. The software will flag up high risk calls to your Quality Control team and also allow you to identify team members who are performing well and saying all the right things.


One of the major benefits comes with the compliance feature. Speech Analytics allows you to draw up a list of compliance criteria and then scores each call against these criteria in real time. Calls with low compliance scores are immediately highlighted so they can be addressed straight away and the same mistakes are therefore not repeated.


This doesn’t just relate to poor performance but also allows you to reward and highlight exemplary performances by individual members of staff. Calls are checked for a number of things, including best practice and closing techniques. This information is then fed to agents and management with areas of concern and suggestions, allowing individuals to improve their performance on a call-by-call basis.

Boost Revenue

Speech Analytics software can identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities to your staff. It allows you to score each call, agent and team against your sales pitch criteria. Anything that is going to boost revenue is surely worth investing in.

Taken together, the benefits are going to mean great improvements in customer service and staff performance whilst reducing costs and increasing profits.

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