What a Dialler Actually Is and Why Your Contact Centre Needs One

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Contact centre managers are always looking for ways to improve their operation. A predictive dialler does so by automating the dialling process, meaning your call centre operators do not have to sit waiting for the phone to be answered, to go to voicemail, or to ring off completely, which means they can spend more time on calls. By using a dialler, we can help reduce the negatives responses, ‘wrong numbers’ and calls ringing out to voicemail, and increase the likelihood of an ‘actual deal’ or even just a conversion.

What does a dialler do?

A dialler takes large amounts of data and automatically dials through the list, often dialing more than one number at once per agent. It will filter out the possibility of unproductive calls (such as voicemails and no answers) with a tool known as Answer Machine Detection. It will also remove any dead numbers and flags them for checking later.

By using a dialler, agents are only ever passed live calls and the relevant CRM record is popped up when it is connected. At the end of the call, the agent is given ‘wrap time’ to update record/record a sale and once finished, the agent then goes live again.

Types of Dialler

A preview dialler will only begin dialling a record when an agent hits ‘Call’ on the CRM Record. A progressive dialler is designed to begin calling records when the agent hits ‘go live’, whereas a predictive dialler will begin dialing before they go live, in order to reduce wait time and streamline even further. Daviker’s dialler solutions allow you to blend between preview, progressive and predictive, even within the same campaign.

In summary, a dialler:

  • Automatically dials large data-lists, often dialing multiple records at once per agent
  • Uses AMD to filter out unproductive calls
  • Passes agents live calls only
  • Gives agents time after calls to update CRM records
  • Available as ‘preview’, ‘progressive’ or ‘predictive’

Why your contact centre should be using a dialler

Dialler software is proven to dramatically increase both talk-time and connect rate. Typically, when dialing manually, agents will achieve around 15-18 minutes’ productive time per hour. The rest is time wasted, spent on unproductive calls and waiting for records to answer. With our predictive dialers, we aim for upwards of 50 minutes productive talk-time per hour. You’ll also find agents get through a very large amount of data much faster than manual dialing.

A Daviker dialler also offers better data management, as any records that don’t answer are automatically recycled, to be called at a different time or day to improve the likelihood of getting an answer. This data recycling helps to control problematic agent behavior, as agents cannot cherry-pick leads, and must disposition every call and update each record before proceeding. Also, any arranged callbacks must be actioned before moving on to other calls; helping your contact centre offer a much more rewarding customer experience.

In summary, you should use a dialler because:

  • Improved productivity: talk-time increased to around 50+ minutes per hour
  • Get through large amounts of data more efficiently
  • Improved data-management
  • Control over problematic agent behavior, helping to improve customer experience

Why choose Daviker for your dialler?

At Daviker, we have over 20 years’ experience in optimising contact centres; with 12 of those years specifically within the dialler marketing. Our 24/7 support is award-winning, and our account managers are there to ensure you get the most out of your dialler by offering free training and upgrades for life.

You’re guaranteed the best value dialler on the market with Daviker. We might not be the cheapest available option; however, we offer the very best in value for money. Our TouchStar dialler is more feature rich than any other, and offers higher productivity than enterprise solutions, which can cost three times as much. A Daviker dialler also offers the best Answer Machine Detection on the market; tested at 93% accurate, whilst competitors are often around 30%.

To arrange a demo, simply get in touch. Our helpful team are always on hand to help, so call 0161 276 2150 and revolutionise your contact centre today.