Why do you need a Dialler?

/ Call Centre Dialler, Predictive Dialler

A well-trained contact centre can be a thing of beauty, with call operators slickly dialling number after number, placing as many calls as they can over the course of the day – so why do you need a Dialler to take over that part of the process?

TouchStar Predictive Diallers offer automated dialling, so individual call centre agents do not have to work through a list of assigned telephone numbers manually, and this provides benefits including:


TouchStar improves productivity by as much as 190% over other predictive diallers, and by up to 400% compared with manual dialling.

Put simply, it is faster, more accurate and able to remove unanswered calls and dead numbers from the queue, tripling the total talk time for a typical call handler.

Duplicate entries and identical numbers assigned to multiple contacts in a database can be flagged up in new data files, ensuring that you do not place the same call more than once in each campaign.

Coaching and Compliance

Smart scripting and monitoring mean you can spot when a call agent goes off-script, so that there is no risk of loss of performance and any emerging problems can quickly be tackled through management coaching.

This is not just important for keeping your call handlers on-message, but in some industries can be crucial for Ofcom compliance and to ensure you do not place a call to someone registered with the Telephone Preference Service.

Cost Cutting

Cost cutting can be achieved through improved productivity and efficiency, and not just through cutbacks. A predictive dialler like TouchStar allows you to streamline staff numbers by as much as 60% by tripling each person’s talk time.

It can also reduce the management admin burden by providing quick reporting on performance metrics, so you can much more easily see the current state of operations in your contact centre and make any adjustments needed to maximise performance even further.

Reports and Recordings

TouchStar Predictive Dialler’s reporting capabilities can be customised to the overall contact centre, team, campaign or individual level, so you have many different tiers of performance to check on and ensure that the messages sent down by management are reaching the lower tiers of the employee hierarchy.

Call recording is an essential part of compliance, and with TouchStar you have the ability to record calls even after they have been diverted to a third party, so there is no compliance issue with transferring a particular call to a supervisor or another department for further sales or support.

Total Talk Time

Ultimately, the most obvious benefits for a call centre come when total talk time increases, and this is perhaps the most persuasive argument of all in favour of an automated dialler.

TouchStar removes the time taken by manual dialling. It removes unanswered calls, voicemails and deadlines. It removes duplicate entries from call lists and allows your call operators to work through a single master list together, rather than being assigned their own segment to work through.

In a single shift, this can see individual agents achieve talk time in the region of 6.5 hours or more – which combined with the other figures mentioned throughout this article, is a clear indication of why the productivity gains can be so substantial and why every modern call centre should be using a dialler.