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“Davikers Speech Analytics – Increasing Productivity & Compliance On Every Single Call”

Let’s get straight to it and answer the question shall we? So, what is speech analytics? Well, in a nutshell Speech Analytics monitors and analyses the audio content of your call centres call 24/7/365 looking for ways to increase productivity and compliance.

Research has shown that one-on-one phone call dominate the volume of interactions between companies and their customers. Consequently, companies harbour hours of customer related insights however all this information is tied up in call records. Speech Analytics enables your business to automatically check what s and what isn’t being said on every call, which means your trusted QA team can spend their time focusing on high risk calls instead of trying to find those needles in the haystack.

But how does Speech Analytics work?

Davikers Speech Analytics searches calls for a number of different factors. Key areas that are highlighted include certain key phrases, positive and negative language and emotionally charged conversations resulting in each call being scored against compliant and quality KPI’s. Speech Analytics instantly analyses and highlights high risk and low quality calls allowing management to focus on problems quickly and efficiently. Subsequently these calls cease to become compliance issues and possible fines.

Every call made by every agent in your contact centre is checked for cross selling opportunities, best practice and closing techniques meaning that Speech Analytics actively assists in driving performance. Furthermore, valuable information can be extracted from live and historical calls. This means that information such as common objections or competitor information can be used as a basis for future training.

In call centres where compliance may be an issue, Speech Analytics active drives compliance. Every call will now be under the spotlight of Speech Analytics, rather than just a handful. Again, each call is scored against predetermined criteria and calls with low compliance will be immediately highlighted to a manager. Davikers Speech Analytics dashboard allows team leaders and management to see their current compliance score in real time meaning they can quickly identify and action issues.

Finally, and most importantly, Speech Analytics helps you to reduce costs and increase profitability. Because your compliance team will be focusing on the high risk and low quality calls flagged by Speech Analytics they will no longer be wasting time listening to compliant calls. Research has suggested that in a typical call centre environment only 4.8% of call are analysed for compliance, quality and best practice. Davikers Speech Analytics will analyse 100% of calls 100% of the time!

So there you have it. Speech Analytics!

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