How to Use Your Predictive Dialler Without Breaking The Law

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When predictive dialler software was introduced, it was a technological development that changed the face of contact centres. Designed for the purpose of increasing efficiency and productivity, these diallers are powerful tools for businesses that want to connect with as many customers as possible. However this power can lead to room for abuse.

There are strict rules to follow when a contact centre uses a predictive dialler and breaking these rules can lead to adverse consequences. These rules are in fact government-imposed laws, regulated by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and breaking these laws will lead to fines; doing so would be a costly mishap for any business.

More than 175,000 complaints were made to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) last year about nuisance calls and individual companies can now face fines of up to £500,000. Laws were actually stepped up as of April this year, as a way to protect consumers from high numbers of unsolicited marketing calls made to homes and mobiles.

But although predictive dialler software creates scope for abuse, it can also be utilised as an effective means of prevention. Choosing the correct software can ensure your predictive dialler does not only optimize results but also meets the stringent legal requirements that are in place.

One key method of preventing any illegal activity is to actively manage your customer opt-in lists – through these you are able to attract prospects that have already shown interest. Customers that request more information are more likely to review details such as paperwork upon receipt, and convert from prospect to lead. Correctly utilising these lists whilst maintaining ICO compliance paves a clear path to a successful campaign.

Predictive dialling software also runs in compliance with bodies such as Ofcom and the Telephone Preference Service, so your agents will never run the risk of dialling numbers that are listed on the central opt out register – an illegal offence under the Privacy and Electronic Regulations (2003).

The software will recognise the time-of-day restrictions surrounding individual residential homes (no calls before 8:00am or after 9:00pm) and furthermore, a comprehensive predictive dialler will autonomously record every inbound and outbound call to and from your contact centre – this is mandatory for both internal training purposes and to ensure compliance with the distance selling regulations.

The TouchStar predictive dialler is a cost-effective, feature-rich outbound dialler that could benefit your contact centre in many ways. It uses software that automatically adjusts to rule changes from TPS, PCI and Ofcom, so you know that your contact centre is never in danger of contravening the current regulations. With automated recording facilities and optional time-barring of calls, the Touchstar Predictive Dialler boasts a high level of flexibility. The software updates ensure continual optimized campaign responsiveness and it’s also extremely user-friendly.

For more information, contact one of the Daviker team today, and let the Touchstar Predictive Dialler help your contact centre stay within the law.