How To Use The Cloud To Benefit Your Contact Centre

/ Cloud Computing

One of the more important developments in technology in the last few years has been the advancement of ‘Cloud’ based computing. Put simply, ‘the cloud’ is a way of storing information over the internet rather than on a hard drive and this obviously has a number of benefits to businesses and consumers alike. It’s not just for storing music files once you’ve run out of space on your iPod. For instance, Daviker is using this revolutionary technology to offer its customers a Cloud Contact Centre solution.

Your contact centre can benefit from using cloud-based technology in a number of ways, and by making the switch now, you can assure you’re ahead of the majority of the competition. It is still quite new technology, and as such many businesses are simply unaware of its benefits.

The most obvious benefit is the simplicity it offers. There is no extra hardware or software to install at your site. All your contact centre staff need to do is log into a URL and everything they need is ready and waiting for them. Due to its simplicity, it can be set up in a matter of days, whereas a traditional contact centre solution could take months to become operational.

Daviker’s Cloud Contact Centre solution lives in BT Cloud, which is runs through the BT core network (one of the largest in the UK) and is therefore one of the most reliable cloud applications on the market. As such, it offers its users almost limitless potential in terms of the number of users and calls your contact centre can have active at any one time.  As a multi-channel solution, it can handle voice, email, SMS and chat services, all through a simple and user-friendly interface.

Due to its very nature, a Cloud Contact Centre is accessible from anywhere that has an internet connection. This means you are able to offer options such as working from home or remote locations, giving you increased flexibility about how your contact centre is run.

As this new and revolutionary technology continues to develop, so will the applications it has to businesses. Ensure your company stays ahead of the crowd by making the switch to Daviker’s Cloud Contact Centre today. Contact us to find out how.