Typical Uses for Speech Analytics

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The productivity and compliance benefits of speech analytics are common features in articles about this innovative modern technology, but what is often overlooked is the sheer practical use of a speech analytics platform.

In fact, there are several different ways to use speech analytics in real terms, and these can help you to achieve different things – it’s not necessarily all about compliance and cost-cutting.

You might equally be interested in improving customer service in general terms, or raising staff morale by identifying stress points; with good speech analytics software, you are able to go beyond basic monitoring, giving yourself a glimpse into the emotions of your call centre and of your customers too.

What’s being said?

The obvious application of speech analytics is to know exactly what is being said about your business, and for this part of the process it’s all about certain key words and phrases.

You may want to specify certain words to flag up – such as your company name, or a competitor’s brand you might not want to hear mentioned in your calls – and this can be an effective way to identify the most relevant calls for direct monitoring.

Alternatively, use default word lists to pick out positive and negative terminology, and you can spot when a call operator is sounding negative about your company, even if they do not realise they are doing it.

How’s it being said?

On top of the specific wording used in calls, you might also want to look out for emotionally charged conversations, and a good speech analytics platform can do this too.

It’s all about the way things are said – the volume, the pitch, and so on – and when emotions start to get fraught, it’s unlikely that the call will end positively for you or for the customer.

You might not be able to act in time to rescue the specific call in question, but it can be flagged for further investigation as one of the ‘worst’ calls of the day, or as triggering certain key measures of caller emotion.

This can allow specific calls to be used for training purposes, or to identify call operators who are in need of extra support in order to do their job better and with less negative emotion creeping into their calls.

Finally, this in turn can help you to work towards better working conditions, happier customers with fewer negative experiences, and generally improved morale throughout your call centre workforce.
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