How the TouchStar Predictive Dialler Can Help Your Contact Centre

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What is it?

The Touchstar Predictive Dialler is an end-to-end outbound dialler and full service contact centre solution, providing all the features you need to operate a successful and profitable call centre.

The Predictive Dialler automates the dialling process – meaning your operators no longer have to wait for the phone to be answered, or to go to voicemail – which results in them spending more time on calls.

Drive the performance of your call centre forward with the reporting suite, giving you and your managers the pertinent information and ability to make positive changes quickly.

What can it do for you?

Increase Productivity

The Touchstar’s predictive dialling feature spells massive change in the way call centre agents work. It has been proven to increase productivity by up to a massive 400% against manual diallers – and 190% against other predictive diallers.

This is a benefit that can’t be ignored – by stopping unproductive calls (none-answers, dead numbers, answering machines, etc.) from ever reaching your agents, talk time will skyrocket.

Furthermore, the reporting suite gives you and your managers a top-down look at productivity gains by specific agents and campaigns, giving you real-time information about the performance of your contact centre.

Reduce Costs

By increasing overall productivity, the Touchstar predictive dialler can deliver savings for your contact centre of up to 60%. Further savings have been seen through reduced management overhead and office costs.

Driving down costs is a massive step in moving your business forward; along with the increase in productivity and the management reporting suite, this will give you an efficient edge over your competitors.

Data Penetration and Utilisation

The difficulty and expensiveness of sourcing data has meant that the best utilisation practices have to be put in place, to optimise your investment returns.

The Touchstar identifies duplicate records in new files, driving down the cost of data and massively increasing penetration and utilisation – by up to a massive 600%.

The performance of particular data sets can also be viewed in real-time using Touchstar’s management reporting suite.

Ensure Compliancy with Ofcom, PCI and TPS

The Touchstar uses a combination of smart scripting, coaching, monitoring and real-time reporting to create trusted, wide-reaching processes and identify quickly where they aren’t being followed. This aids the performance of your contact centre by helping to develop staff while upholding positive working practices. It also complies fully with all current regulations, including Ofcom, PCI and TPS.

Overall, the Touchstar is a cost-efficient outbound dialler, with the proven ability to massively increase efficiency in your call centre while driving down costs. The full suite of reporting tools gives you and your managers powerful analysis of performance by call agents and campaign, giving you the information you need to affect positive changes in real time. Process coaching and full compliance with major regulations rounds off the Touchstar as an end-to-end contact centre solution designed specifically to achieve growth for your business.