How Does TouchStar Dialler Technology Actually Work?

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Success, Efficiency and Profit

Contact centre managers are constantly looking for ways to operate highly successful, efficient and profitable contact strategies. If you fall into this camp, you might want to consider utilising TouchStar Dialler technology.

Today we’re explaining how it works, and how you can use it to increase talk time, data utilisation and overall productivity… All the while remaining Ofcom, TPS and PCI compliant.

TouchStar is an outbound predictive progressive dialler, with all the features you’d expect to handle inbound calls, such as queuing, comfort message, ACD and a very strong IVR.

How Does TouchStar Dialler Technology Work?

TouchStar Dialler technology works in two ways. It will maximise talk time by automating the dialling process, meaning your call centre operators do not have to sit waiting for the phone to be answered, to go to voicemail, or to ring off completely, which means they can spend more time on calls.

It predicts when an agent is likely to become free, and initiates calls on behalf of the agent, so that when they do become available there is a caller on the phone ready to be dealt with. With TouchStar Dialler technology, talk time has been seen to increase by up to 400% – even up to 190% over other diallers.

And this is not all the software is capable of. With TouchStar, data utilisation and penetration can increase by as much as 600% – as it manages data hyper-effectively by following predetermined recycling rules.

Most often, agents will cherry-pick data to call or simply work through a list from top to bottom. A typical agent might call a number two or three times, but the TouchStar Dialler may try 15 times a month, rotating through different time periods, from morning, lunch, afternoon and evening. It will also try at different times on different days.


Unlike an agent, the dialler doesn’t base these times on opinion – it uses a set of predetermined algorithms to maximise the likelihood of calls being answered.

Increased Productivity and Performance

Thanks to this, the TouchStar Dialler does wonders for productivity in the contact centre. If you have ten agents working in your call centre, you can have the productivity of 40 agents. At the same time, it’ll reduce additional costs, including management overheads, office space, computers and consumables; allowing the software to deliver incredible return on investment.

TouchStar Dialler technology also provides contact centre managers with the tools to drive the performance within the call centre and make immediate changes where necessary.

The full reporting suite gives real-time and historical information, and full call-recording capabilities – you can even record calls after they’ve been transferred to a third party. It also boasts an advanced scripting function, which is intuitive and effective, guiding your agents through calls and integrating easily with CRM software.


How Can Daviker Help You?

At Daviker, we have experience and expertise in creating contact centres with the highest levels of productivity, profitability, and compliance. There may be lots of diallers on market, but TouchStar is by far the most cost-effective, feature-rich outbound dialler of them all

To work with a company that has the resources to support your business, plus a proven track record of delivering fist class resources, contact us today on 0843 634 5805.