Top 5 Features of The TouchStar Predictive Dialler

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TouchStar Predictive Dialler is already used by hundreds of call centres, but that in itself might not be enough to convince you that it is the best option for your needs.

Here are five key features of the TouchStar Predictive Dialler that we think will help to open your eyes to the potential of this innovative contact centre technology.

1. Productivity and Penetration

The most impressive numbers relate to call centre productivity – TouchStar’s levels of productivity are approximately 190% higher than other predictive diallers and up to 400% higher than manual dialling – as well as providing a 600% increase in data penetration and utilisation.

All of this means your call agents spend longer on talk time, and less on dialling, waiting on busy or silent lines, and so on.

Better recordkeeping means duplicate data can be identified and dealt with, streamlining your files for much improved customer insight.

2. Save on Staffing

This streamlined approach and improved productivity should mean you do not need as many call agents working any given shift.

You can expect to save on staffing costs by up to 60%, with associated savings if this allows you to downsize your office or save on other overheads.

But it can also mean call handlers with particular knowledge or expertise are less stretched, as you can make sure the correct calls are routed through to them, leaving them able to focus on doing what they do best.

3. Calls with Character

Give your customers a more relevant and branded experience with call queuing and comfort messaging that stays on brief, and automatic call distribution to put them through to the correct team.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology means customers can service their own requests unless human interaction is necessary – further freeing up your call handlers to deal with enquiries where they are really needed.

4. Records and Regulations

This is really a collection of features, rather than just one – call recording even after the call has been redirected to a third party means you can prove what was said, if you ever need to.

Along with this you get 100% compliance with TPS, PCI and Ofcom, so you know the improvements in productivity and efficiency outlined above will not come at the cost of contravening the current regulations.

5. Insight and Innovation

TouchStar Predictive Dialler isn’t just innovative in its own right; it also makes it easier for you to innovate in terms of how you run your contact centre.

Detailed reports allow you to drill down according to team, individual agent or campaign, identifying pockets of productivity within your call centre, and people or campaigns that could perform better.

Live updates ensure you don’t lag behind when it comes to campaign responsiveness, so methods that are seen to be working can be rolled out across your other call agents without delay.