Tips to help you better manage your staff

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Effective staff management can help you to maximise the return you get on your investment in your workforce – including salary costs and time spent on training, among other expenses.

Daviker’s Workforce Management Software is one place to start, with the potential to help you plan and optimise your workforce by identifying your needs and scheduling staff to work when you need them most.

Like all good methods of optimisation, it tackles all of your channels at once – spanning inbound and outbound calls, SMS, email, live chat and social media – so that there are no weak links undermining your efforts.

Improving your performance on all of these channels requires a combination of factors, and Daviker Workforce Management compiles accurate forecasts so that any changes you make are for informed reasons, and are not mere guesswork.

Forecasted Performance

Among the criteria forecasted by Workforce Management is the total staffing level you will require on any given day – so that you know you will not be short-staffed due to your efforts to save on wages.

But more than this, the software also has the ability to track individuals’ skills and experience, and this means you can schedule the right individual employees, in addition to the correct total number of staff.

If you have specific skills that are required, and only a certain number of employees with the necessary experience, this can make it easier to have those individuals scheduled at your busiest times, or spread throughout the working week as appropriate.

Consolidated Costs

All of this can lead to a 30% saving on staffing costs, while maintaining or even improving performance on your KPIs and SLAs – but for even better ROI in future, you can focus on training your staff to raise skills levels across the board.

Daviker’s Speech Analytics is a worthy investment to achieve this, by monitoring calls and flagging up instances of inappropriate behaviour by your call centre agents.

Those who become overly emotional, or who use specific words and phrases that you would prefer to avoid, can be singled out for additional support and training.

You can know that you are doing all you can to support your employees who are most in need of a little extra coaching, while also avoiding customer complaints of harassment or overly hard-selling – with the potential to save substantial amounts on compliance costs in the process.