Time running out for PPI claims management call centres

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As we move into 2019, the final countdown begins for PPI claims management call centres to reach as many claimants as possible before August 29th.

With the Financial Conduct Authority heavily advertising the deadline for new PPI mis-selling claims, the last eight months will be a crucial time in making sure all those affected by PPI mis-selling get the full amount of compensation they are entitled to.

This makes productivity a key metric for PPI claims management call centres in the coming year – something Daviker’s contact centre technologies can help with.

Claims management is one of the core industries we work with, helping claims management contact centres to process more inbound and outbound calls relating to road traffic accidents and personal injury, mis-sold PPI and mis-sold mortgages, and industrial diseases contracted in unsafe workplaces.

How can Daviker help PPI call centres?

Daviker provide several contact centre solutions that can help to maximise productivity in PPI call centres:

  • TouchStar Predictive Dialler optimises dialling for outbound calls to increase call agent talk time and reduce mistakes made during dialling, leading to as much as 300% improved performance.
  • Speech Analytics – Dynamically score every single call against your compliance criteria, in real time.

It’s not just about improved performance and productivity, either – our technologies also help to reduce errors and ensure regulatory compliance, so you can feel more confident that you will not face a claim made directly against your organisation.

Our work with financial services call centres

Daviker contact centre solutions are not just ideal for claims management contact centres – we also work directly with financial services call centres to help them resolve customer support requests and complaints faster, in line with industry targets for call resolution, and again to ensure regulatory compliance.

This is especially important for call centres in sub-prime financial services, such as payday lenders, sub-prime loans and mortgages, and non-traditional loans such as peer-to-peer lending, where the likelihood of a customer complaining or needing direct telephone support can be much higher.

We also work with other organisations in the financial services sector and related industries, including:

  • Insurance providers across home, vehicle and life insurance products.
  • Debt management firms dealing with IVAs and other customer debt problems.
  • Debt recovery organisations to support collections strategies to recover unpaid debt.

Contact Daviker to find out more

Whether you operate in one of the industries mentioned above or in telemarketing and other call centre industries, Daviker can help to simplify, streamline and automate your call handling to boost talk time and productivity.

Our call centre technologies work well individually or in combination – so whether you need outbound predictive call dialling, inbound call monitoring or more general workflow optimisation, Daviker contact centre solutions can help.

To find out more, call our sales and enquiries line on 0333 331 0270 or fill in our online request form to book a demo, trial or consultation and see exactly how Daviker’s call centre technologies work not only in your industry, but specifically for your organisation.