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When it comes to maximising call centre productivity and efficiency there is nothing more effective than the implementation of a predictive dialler. It has been proven that predictive dialler can increase performance and talk time by up to 400%!

It’s all well and good preaching about the benefits of predictive diallers and bombarding you with statistics, but many people aren’t sure of what a predictive dialler is. So, what exactly is a predictive dialler? In a nutshell a predictive dialler is a computerised system that connects to multiple call centre agents and has more outbound lines to dial on than actual agents using the system. The predictive dialler will then make outbound calls to predict when an agent will be available. Therefore a live customer will be available to speak faster than if the agent is not using a predictive dialler.

So, what are the benefits of using a predictive dialler?

Firstly, the predictive dialler helps to control costs associated with running a call centre by connecting agents with customers as soon as possible. For example, if the agent makes 15 calls in one hour and earns £12 an hour, their resulting cost per call for that hour is £0.80p. A predictive dialler will help to drive this figure down as the agents will be making more successful calls per hour.

Based on the same principles as above, a predictive dialler also helps to boost call centre productivity and efficiency. The dialler’s complex algorithms will determine when an agent will become available and reduce downtime by matching agents with calls with a minimum of time lost, and a minimum number of abandoned calls. Naturally, this will increase call centre efficiency as a whole.

The benefits of incorporating a predictive dialling system into your call centre are numerous. We could sit here all day listing all the benefits of a predictive dialler, but until you incorporate one into your call centre you won’t see the “real” results.

With a predictive dialler not only can your call centre boost productivity and efficiency whilst reducing costs, you can also remain completely compliant with all government regulations and raise the value of outbound telemarketing.

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