Talk more and talk better with contact centre technology

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Contact centre technology is all about making the best use of your talk time – and that means talking more, not less.

Call centre technologies like Daviker Dialler automate the time-consuming laborious tasks that every contact centre needs to carry out, such as dialling outbound telephone numbers.

By doing this, they achieve numerous benefits:

  • Less risk of human error due to manually entering numbers.
  • Less risk of repetitive strain injuries over time.
  • Less time spent on dialling means more talk time on active calls.

Daviker’s Predictive Dialler can place enough calls to keep all of your contact centre agents busy, allocating new active calls to each agent as they become available.

Talk smarter with inbound call centre solutions

It’s not just outbound calls that can be optimised using Daviker Dialler; with automated call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) it can filter and direct inbound calls to the correct available agent in your contact centre.

Again this keeps a constant stream of calls coming in to each agent, maximising their talk time by as much as 400% over manual dialling and distribution, and even over other less sophisticated predictive diallers.

Callers want to talk to a real person, and combining IVR with ACD enables you to put them through faster to the right person, improving outcomes and increasing first-call resolution.

And because talk time is significantly increased for each agent in your contact centre, that means more time to resolve callers’ problems, provide a personal service and handle more calls, driving all of your performance metrics higher.

Analysing talk

More talk time is good, but better talk time is great, and by adding Daviker Speech Analytics to your contact centre, you get round-the-clock monitoring of every call that passes through your call centre.

Speech Analytics can identify what is said by your employees and by the customer too, flagging up any calls that are a cause for concern or which need further investigation.

This provides opportunities to further improve outcomes, offer support to employees and provide additional training where it is needed.

Best of all, it means that anyone who is not performing to the best of their abilities does not just continue to do so – and can reduce and eliminate the risk of substandard call interactions leading to negative consequences in the future.

Benefits beyond talk

It’s not just about increasing talk time and intelligently routing calls to the best person for the job – there are benefits beyond talk when you use Daviker Dialler.

For instance, by harmonising the data you collect across all of your contact centre activities, Predictive Dialler can increase utilisation and penetration by 600%.

At the same time, it ensures compliance with the latest regulations from bodies like Ofcom and TPS, ensuring you follow the rules 100% of the time on 100% of your calls.

By collecting and recording call data 24/7/365, Daviker’s Predictive Dialler gives you the traceability and evidence you need to demonstrate this compliance in an increasingly litigious environment.