How does speech analytics software work?

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You may not even have heard of speech analytics software – a computer program that ‘listens in’ on your call centre’s conversations, and flags up examples of best and worst practice.

But even if you have heard of it, you might not be fully aware of how it works; but it’s likely that you have used something similar yourself.

If you have a smartphone, it probably has voice recognition, either built into the operating system, as a search-by-voice option on the web, or in an app to recognise songs based on you singing into the microphone.

All of these are consumer-facing examples of speech analytics – or, at least, of voice recognition software – but business-focused speech analytics software can go beyond simply recognising the words used.

Daviker Speech Analytics monitors every second of every call that comes into or goes out from your call centre – something that would be all but impossible to achieve manually.

It can look for specific words and phrases, just as voice recognition software might do, and alert you to calls where these phrases are used – so, for example, you might monitor for evidence of your company being portrayed in a negative light, or competitors’ brand names being mentioned.

Speech Analytics can also analyse more general speech patterns, looking for particularly heated or emotive conversations, which may sound alarm bells in any call centre where you want to avoid accusations of hard selling or harassment.

Beyond simply analysing calls, Speech Analytics can then give the call a score compared against a predefined list of custom criteria.

All of the calls that take place over a specified period of time can be ranked, so that you can identify those that score most highly against your own criteria, along with those whose scores are the lowest.

The latter group may cause compliance concerns – and identifying those calls quickly can allow prompt action to be taken to ensure no further inappropriate calls are placed.

You can also single out these poorer-performing employees for extra support, training and coaching, helping to steadily raise standards across your call centre.

Each time you dedicate resources to training your worst performers, you elevate the average score of your calls across the board, so that your overall call quality is driven steadily upwards the longer you have Daviker Speech Analytics in place and reporting back on the calls you make and receive.