What is Speech Analytics, and how does it benefit contact centres?

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There are several contact centre solutions that can help you manage your workforce and workflows, predictive diallers to speed up outbound call placement, and so on – but what exactly is Speech Analytics?

While the other call centre solutions are perhaps a bit more intuitive, as you can directly see how they apply to placing outbound calls or optimising shift patterns, you might not immediately see how voice analysis software and speech emotion analysis can benefit you.

But in fact, Speech Analytics enables the kind of advanced voice analysis call centre managers need to monitor all calls – a task that would simply be impossible to achieve manually.

What is Speech Analytics?

Daviker Speech Analytics is voice analysis software that monitors calls around the clock, 365 days a year, and can pick up on individual words, positive and negative language patterns, and speech emotion analysis to flag up any calls where the exchange with the customer gets heated.

It gives you complete observation of every call your agents handle so nothing is missed, whether it’s an isolated incident or part of a broader pattern.

Calls that are flagged for concern are recorded and forwarded to your quality control department, where you can check whether the agent did anything wrong, and whether further training may be needed.

What are the benefits?

Speech Analytics has numerous benefits but the two that apply to most contact centres are performance and compliance.

In terms of compliance, you can check that no individual call operator is putting your company reputation at risk – even more important if you operate white-label call centres for third-party brand-name customers.

And in terms of performance, speech emotion analysis can identify the calls that went astray and a potential selling opportunity was lost, allowing you to do better in future sales calls.

100% insight with voice analysis software

If you are currently monitoring calls by listening in at random manually, chances are you are observing less than 5% of total talk time in your contact centre – we have found the industry average to be around 4.8%.

With Daviker Speech Analytics, you have the potential to monitor 100% of talk time, yet only flag up the calls that are automatically detected as a cause for concern, and this means you actually save time overall on manual investigation.

You also benefit from instant insight into why the call has been flagged and forwarded to Quality Control, so that you can skip straight to the correct kind of re-education for the individual concerned.

Training can be targeted and positive, focusing on improving the specific skills that went astray in each call, and in this way contact centre agents will hopefully appreciate that monitoring is there as a tool to support them in performing better.

Over the long term, the number of flagged incidents involving experienced employees should naturally decrease, but you still have 100% monitoring, so you do not become complacent on discipline and compliance.

And when you take on new employees, they will automatically be covered by the voice analysis software too, so you have immediate insight into the aspects of their performance that need the most work and can provide positive training to bring them up to the same high standard as your other call operators.