Solving 3 Call Centre Challenges with Workforce Management

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ll be aware that the contact centre can be a very tough working environment indeed. As challenging and mercurial as it is marvellously enjoyable, contact centre managers do have an arsenal of software-based tools to help ease the pressures of the job.

Arming yourself with workforce management can alleviate many of the most common headaches that managers face. Here we’ve listed three, including how workforce management can solve each – making each day and each call more cost-effective and efficient.


Challenge #1 Agent Recruitment and Retention

Recruiting the right agent into an established team is always a challenge. One wrong selection can compromise office equilibrium, staff rapport and customer relationships. Building a strong team is hard enough, but contact centre agent retention has also been a prolonged issue in this industry.

Research shows that, on average, contact centres report an employee attrition rate of as high as 33%. Managers constantly train agents only to see them leave after a year. While there is no overnight solution to this issue, keeping staff morale high and providing an enjoyable, rewarding work environment can help.

Workforce management sees to this by ensuring the right staff members are assigned to the right shifts, tasks and campaigns. This solution allows you to be flexible with your shifts too, so agents can achieve their own work/life balance and really enjoy time spent in the workplace. And when staff enjoy their work, retention becomes a breeze. You’re also likely to see increased productivity and performance, plus lots of smiling faces in the office.


Challenge #2 Meeting Customer Expectations

With digital and social media channels constantly reshaping customer expectations, business competition is fiercer than ever. Consumers are becoming more demanding… When they’re not happy, they’ll shout about it for all the world to see. This makes meeting expectations more crucial than ever.

So how can workforce management solve this challenge? This software gives a team the tools they need to provide the very best levels of customer service, by ensuring that the right members of staff are working at the right times.

Busy periods, like the run-up to Christmas, will see call volume booming, and workforce management software will ensure you have the agent numbers in place to handle the extra pressure. Post-Christmas, if you’re expecting a lot of returns or customer queries, it’s great for ensuring a higher ratio of supervisor-regular agent staff members, who can provide expert knowledge and support to those who need it – staff or customer.


Challenge #3 General Workforce Optimisation

This type of accurate forecasting of demand is critical for call centre success. The two major problems call centre managers face on a day-to-day basis? Under-staffing and over-staffing. By having the ability to precisely predict the number of agents required at any given point in time, call centres can optimize workforce and costs. The real challenge here is to identify peaks and troughs of inbound call volume and assign agents accordingly.

Workforce management can help when analysing records of call patterns, to assist managers in identifying call peaks and troughs. During peaks, managers should ensure that enough agents are available to handle customer calls. And at the time of troughs, managers can either reduce the number of agents or allocate idle agents to other productive tasks such as making additional support/follow-up calls.

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