Silent calls are an industry problem that still haven’t gone away.

/ Silent Calls

Despite Daviker and many other reputable suppliers improving their technology significantly over the last 5 years to reduce silent calls the problem still doesn’t seem to be going away.

The cause of this is simple, some call centres and technology provides aren’t shouldering their responsibilities.

In response to this Daviker has become a founding member of the Network AMD Working Party. The remit of the group is to reduce the impact of “false positives” and nuisance calls resulting from diallers with poor Answer Machine Detection. Ofcom has turned to companies such as Daviker, whose software is well proven for advice on how to improve the situation.

Daviker have plenty of evidence from within its customer base that it is possible to have a compliant dialler which is both efficient and profitable.

Hopefully with the formation of the working party the major vendors and suppliers can work together to reduce the impact of silent calls on consumers.