When is it Right to Switch to Cloud Contact Centre?

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The simple answer is: now – unless you prefer the complications of accommodating and maintaining on-site hardware and being frustrated by capacity limitations.

Of course, the true answer is a little more complex than that, with several elements to consider before making the switch.

Tied to Dated Technology?

While your business may have historically invested heavily in contact centre infrastructure – including devices, software and storage – these date quickly in comparison to equivalent cloud based alternatives.
Even accounting for a significant initial spend, the agility and cost-saving benefits of the cloud are impossible to ignore.

With continuous improvements to functionality and performance, Cloud Contact Centre, operates at a more sophisticated level than on-premise technology.

The complete lack of on-site installation and equipment purchase means that space and time can be used more efficiently.
Additionally, by only paying for what you use, you offset any costs associated with initial setup.

Powered by BT

Cloud Contact Centre is integrated with BT’s powerful cloud network, meaning that all staff need to use it is an internet connection and browser.

If your customer service department would benefit from being able to handle virtually unlimited call volumes and allow remote working for agents, then CCC is probably the perfect answer.

As businesses become more aware of the need for responsive contact centre customer service across multiple platforms, systems capable of handling voice, SMS, email and real-time digital chat are a godsend.

As with corporate websites, the rate of evolution and refinement of a cloud based system compared to a proprietary one is exponential, meaning that even the most advanced ‘in-house’ contact centre applications will date quickly compared to cloud based versions.

Find out more about the benefits of Cloud Contact Centre, including ease-of-installation and potential cost-saving here, or contact a member of our helpful team.