How to maximise the time your contact centre staff spend on the telephone

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In most workplaces, the challenge is to keep staff off of the telephone during the working day; but in a contact centre, the longer they spend on the phone, the better.

This is about more than just stopping them from sitting idle, as there are in effect different degrees of being ‘on the phone’.

An operator who is speaking directly to a caller is, for example, being more immediately productive than one who is waiting for a ringing phone to be answered.

Even an operator waiting for the receiver to be picked up might be regarded as more productive than one who has just dialled the wrong number.

Yet any and all of these situations can arise in a call centre, unless they are overcome by software such as Daviker’s Predictive Dialler

Touchstar, Daviker’s Predictive Dialler software, is used by hundreds of contact centres worldwide, and delivers a comprehensive collection of benefits.

Among them are improvements in data compliance, up to 600% improvement in data penetration and utilisation, and 400% increase in productivity.

How is this achieved? Partly by eliminating errors as described above, and partly by eliminating operator ‘downtime’ like waiting for the call recipient to answer their phone.

This not only means staff are more productive; it may ultimately mean fewer staff need to be scheduled to work at any one time, and this can cut costs by as much as 60% in this area.

How It Works

Touchstar works simply by keying in the appropriate telephone number, so that your call centre operators do not have to.

It’s a simple step towards best practice, which avoids having a room full of skilled call operators sat pushing buttons on a telephone.

But Touchstar goes beyond that, recording calls for compliance purposes, removing unanswered calls and dead numbers from the system, and even allowing immediate callbacks to website enquiries, which can give you a head start on the competition.

A range of modern technologies are supported, allowing hybrid systems of VoIP and ISDN30 to work seamlessly, while SMS messages can be routed via TouchStar whether they are inbound or outbound.

Touchstar can integrate with a large number of commonly used CRM platforms, so it may function as an addition to your existing system.

And it comes complete with the Daviker PBX Telephone System, plus continual free upates, to ensure cutting-edge performance and legislative compliance.