What sort of improvement can I expect with a predictive dialler?

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In the first of three posts looking at different Daviker solutions, we’re going to focus on the improvements you can expect to derive from using TouchStar Predictive Dialler.

This system is already in place in hundreds of contact centres, and the benefits are numerous, including increased productivity and compliance, and reduced staffing costs.

But how much of an improvement can you expect, and where do the savings come from?


In many business decisions, productivity is the key factor – after all, increased productivity should mean greater profit, and that can help to prove the positive return on an investment.

TouchStar Predictive Dialler automates the dialling process, meaning your call centre operators do not have to sit waiting for the phone to be answered, to go to voicemail, or to ring off completely.

A direct consequence of this is that they can spend more time actually on calls – but you might be surprised to know that in some contact centres the increase in talk time can be threefold.

If you have no predictive dialler in place at all, we would expect productivity gains of up to 400%; with an existing predictive dialler, we would expect TouchStar still to make gains of as much as 190%.

Data Utilisation and Compliance

These are two separate issues, but they’re worth considering together.

Using TouchStar, you can deduplicate your data – eliminating multiple copies of the same information so that client records remain concise and accessible.

You can prioritise the most valuable data and act on this, for a total 600% maximum increase in penetration and utilisation across the board.

In terms of compliance, there is only one figure that matters: 100%.

Daviker work to keep TouchStar up to date with all of the latest legislation and regulations, to ensure 100% compliance not just on the day you buy it, but every day on which you use it.

Staffing Costs

Finally, as your productivity and efficiency improves, you can reduce your staffing costs by a corresponding degree.

There are direct savings within your call centre itself, but there are also improvements in management and administrative efficiency, as TouchStar can take some of the strain away from hard-working management-level individuals.

In practice we have seen contact centres run with staff costs 60% lower than before TouchStar was installed – and, as we will see in our next article, there are ways to optimise your workforce even further.