PCI Headaches? Let’s make that pain go away.

/ Compliance

One of the most complicated compliance processes in a contact centre is taking credit card payments in a PCI compliant manner. Daviker SafePay makes that headache go away by removing you contact centre from the scope of PCI.

IVR SafePay will handle transactions 24 x 7 x 365 without the need for agent or manual intervention. Customers call your automated payment lines, can check their balances and make payments without having to speak with an agent. Already one Daviker customer is collecting in excess of £1,000,000 per month totally automated.

Agent SafePay is where the agent guides the caller through the payment process but will never see or hear the card details. The customer enters their card details directly into the payment gateway through their telephone keypad preventing the information from ever being available to your agents. SafePay integrates with all major processing gateways and will remove your call centre from within the scope of PCI compliance immediately.

“Daviker SafePay makes PCI compliance easy whilst increasing the window of opportunity to take payments to 24/7/365. With Daviker SafePay we’re giving businesses the opportunity to take as many payments as they possibly can by removing traditional barriers.”

Dave Fricker, Managing Director.