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What are the ways to maximise call centre productivity – and how do they match up with good contact centre management techniques? An article in the latest issue of BRQ Business Research Quarterly looks at both of those questions.

Co-authored by a team from Rovira i Virgili University in Catalonia, Spain, and Kemmy Business School in Limerick, Ireland, the study brings together data from over 100 call centres to identify the human factors that influence contact centre performance.

These include, for example, balancing the need for good contact centre management to maximise call volume and faster resolution, with the greater customer satisfaction that comes from an empathetic response by the call operator, or first-time resolution of the problem.

What affects call centre customer satisfaction?

The researchers found that call duration alone does not always have an effect on call centre customer satisfaction rates – in fact, as long as the problem is solved during the call, customers are generally content to stay on the line for longer.

Some factors that do have a measurable effect on call centre customer satisfaction include:

  • Technological barriers when transferring calls between departments.
  • HR practices that focus on appraisal and positive training of call operators.
  • Employee satisfaction and positive/negative feedback from the customer.

Whether inbound or outbound, contact centre performance depends largely on the interaction between the customer and the call operator – and many of the factors in the study reflect the value of having engaged and motivated call centre agents.

How can TouchStar Predictive Dialler maximise call centre productivity?

TouchStar Predictive Dialler is more than just an automatic call centre dialler, and has many more features that help to maximise call centre productivity in outbound contact centres.

Among them are:

  • End-to-end recording of transferred calls for total visibility during monitoring.
  • Comfort messages, call queueing, ACD and IVR for queued/transferred callers.
  • Increase talk time by 400% so operators have longer to reach first-call resolution.

We have seen examples where call duration was able to increase from 15 minutes to 40 minutes thanks to the extra operator talk time – alternatively of course, more talk time can mean more calls of the same duration.

More Daviker solutions for better call centre performance

Combine TouchStar Predictive Dialler with other Daviker contact centre solutions for even better call centre performance overall.

Daviker Speech Analytics can monitor calls for certain words or phrases, helping to flag up where an operator has gone ‘off-script’ or used inappropriate language, and enabling the kind of positive appraisals and supportive training mentioned in the study above.

And with Daviker Workforce Management you can ensure you schedule the right staff with the right skills, helping to boost employee satisfaction, engagement and retention by recognising individual capabilities and allocation workloads accordingly.

To find out more about how Daviker contact centre solutions can boost call centre productivity in your organisation, call us today on 0843 634 5806 or fill in our online contact form to request a demo, trial or consultation.