Introducing Daviker’s partners

/ Call Centre Software, Customer Service, Productivity, Workflow Management

Synergy is an important factor of the Daviker brand and it’s why we’ve partnered with leading suppliers of software solutions around the world. Here is a brief introduction to each company and what makes them experts in their respective fields.


Noble Systems is an award winning call centre company based in Manchester and Atlanta, Georgia. They are always identifying new technologies and applications to improve their customer contacts. They have solutions based around predictive dialling and inbound contact management.


ProScheduler incorporates a range of contact centre solutions that streamline work flow. They provide services for telemarketing businesses and aim to create a reliable system based on their Dolphin CDS software. Other services include Social CRM that gathers social media data and makes it easier to understand and manage.


Founded in 2005, Liquid Voice is a fast growing contact centre company, serving customers in the local government, legal, financial services, social housing and retail markets. They specialize in speech analytics and process automation solutions.


Tigersolv is a leading provider of debt management systems with a variety of clients found across the UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. Their Debtsolv software offers functionality for financial companies. They’ve also developed the Creditor Portal, designed to move the industry forward to a new level of automation.


Aquarium software is geared towards providing innovative web-based business solutions. They blend core elements of CRM, business process automation and case management into a single solution to optimise a business. Key features include automated import of data from websites or third parties and equations for calculating values based on claim-related data.


Adtech software provides debt management solutions with their ORCA product. ORCA allows for direct debit and card processing, as well as integrating with a host of industry standard automated telephone products. The newer Formworks product meshes easily with iPads.


Dialogic delivers award winning services to improve media-rich communications in most networks. They specialize in contact centre transformation, enabling contact centre operators to maximize their investment.


Microsoft’s solutions are focused on customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning. They concentrate on modernising workplaces and providing efficient client service. With their social analytics program they help businesses improve their Google rankings and social media presence.


Netsol specialises in online marketing and SEO services. They build fully functional websites with mobile setup for smartphone capability. Tracking tools are included to monitor online success.


Salesforce implement award winning solutions based around customer relationship management. Their software allows businesses to store spreadsheets, emails and databases all in the same place. Calls are logged and contacts are recorded, making it easier to collaborate on sales opportunities.


Goldmine is a leading provider of mobile relationship management solutions for small businesses worldwide. They have over 1 million customers using their products. Goldmine premium enables its users to schedule in calls, meetings and appointments. Customer service tracking increases functionality with the reporting of service cases.


OneStep Solutions involves debt recovery software utilized by over 1000 organisations. The software is fully customizable, giving business owners control over the collection process. Productivity is enhanced because of cases being processed quickly and efficiently.

All of these companies are defined by their top customer service and commitment. Their partnership with Daviker allows us to provide the best possible service to all our clients. For insight into high quality cloud contact solutions contact us today.