How To Improve Your Outbound Dialler

/ Outbound Dialler, Predictive Dialler

An outbound dialler is a core component in running effective call centre operations, and if you are still relying on manual dialling, adding an automated outbound dialler to your call centre software will help to improve efficiency and reduce human error.

But even if you already have an automated outbound dialler, it may still be possible to find further improvements by making sure you are using the correct call centre software.

Daviker’s TouchStar Predictive Dialler is one way to do this – and here are some of the ways in which it helps.

Ofcom Compliance

Non-compliance can lead to disastrous financial penalties. Daviker TouchStar Predictive Dialler is fully compliant with all of the current relevant legislation, including that from Ofcom, PCI and TPS.

Importantly, it achieves compliance without sacrificing on performance, and incorporates monitoring tools to flag up any poor performance among individuals working in your call centre, so that they can be given the coaching and support they need to get better.

Cost Reduction

It’s a simple but often overlooked principle that if you can cut costs without cutting quality, your net profits will automatically increase in real terms.

Daviker TouchStar Predictive Dialler achieves this in ways that do not require you to reduce the standards to which your call centre operations are run.

Built-in monitoring tools reduce management admin, streamlining operations and saving on office time and costs, while the direct decrease in staffing costs due to adopting an automated outbound dialler can be up to 60%.

Data Utilisation

Manually held records pose an inherent threat to penetration and utilisation rates; the more data files you have, the harder it is to keep track of them all with respect to one another, and the difficulty level rises exponentially with each new customer you enlist.

With the right call centre software, you can automatically ‘deduplicate’ redundant data entries from your customer records, and act only on the information that is pertinent to your current campaign.

In the most extreme cases, an outbound dialler, coupled with a streamlined data archive in this way, can increase the penetration and utilisation of data by up to 600%.

Call Efficiency

Finally, there are a whole host of improvements to be attained simply from the core functionality of using a better (or any) outbound dialler, such as improving monitoring, eliminating dead/inactive numbers from your dialler list, preventing call centre staff from listening to an unanswered, ringing line, and dealing automatically with voicemail and answering machines.

Removing unproductive calls in this way can improve the talk time of your human call centre staff threefold.

Automated outbound dialling can be 400% more productive than manual dialling, and Daviker TouchStar can be 190% more productive even than other automated diallers.

With few other solutions offering such compelling statistics, improving your outbound dialler can be your first step towards seeing a substantial improvement in your call centre’s bottom line.