Quick Ways to Improve the Customer Experience of Your Contact Centre

/ Call Centre Software, Workflow Management


How is the customer experience of your contact centre?

When was the last time you considered your contact centre’s customer experience?

If callers are hanging up more than they’re holding on, it’s probably time to rethink a few things. If your agents seem overloaded, or you’re struggling to keep track of various queries or complaints, you’re probably seeing productivity slide. This is the time to upgrade the customer experience you offer.

By examining which areas of your contact centre are flagging, you’ll be able to ditch any outdated, ineffective methods that are currently slowing you down. Addressing any issues will allow you not just to give customers what they need, but to go the extra mile and over deliver too.

Try implementing some of these tips to streamline your operation, and start ticking all your customers’ boxes.

1. Try The Latest Software

Don’t be put off by the prospect of welcoming new software or technology into your contact centre. By simply introducing one piece of software with many uses, you can dramatically improve the productivity, functionality and intuitiveness of your business.

Pinpoint any gaps in your service and identify what your customers need and you’ll soon find that not only are your callers happier and more satisfied, but your agents are too.

Workforce management software is a great example of this. It uses statistical analysis to make sure you have the right staff, with the right skills, in place to meet your goals, consolidating all of your interactions into one system. Workforce management matches schedules with your workforce’s availability, making sure customer needs are met – and never overlooked.

2. Consider Your Contact Centre’s Training

Finding the right agents is generally considered the biggest challenge faced by contact centre managers. Skills can be taught, but attitude and aptitude cannot. Training is one area where it pays to invest.

To save costs, seek the help of your most experienced customer service specialists who have a proven record of exceptional performance. Encourage these team members actively get involved with the training of new recruits, or simply to share their passion (and skills!) with them.

3. Don’t Forget to Encourage Fun!

It’s a simple enough premise; when your agents are happy, your customers will be happy. Why not try introducing friendly staff competition between teams? Healthy competition is a great way to induce team spirit, stimulate motivation and boost optimism in the workplace. Remember, avoid competition between individual staff members, as this can be damaging to relationships.

This type of working environment builds rapport, and also gives employees a chance to learn skills from one another. It’s a good way of boosting productivity for everyone.

When targets are met or exceeded, take the opportunity to reward or congratulate staff. All great contact centre managers know that a little thanks can go a long way. Offer small perks for a job well done; either on a weekly or monthly basis. This should help to keep spirits running high and make for a more fun atmosphere all-round.
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