How Does A Predictive Dialler Work?

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A predictive dialler is a useful addition to any contact centre, helping to reduce the risk of wrongly entered numbers and improve call handling and compliance alike.

But what exactly is a predictive dialler, and how does it work?

Well, you might actually have seen a primitive auto-dialler in action – the AT-5000 used by Homer Simpson in the episode Lisa’s Date with Destiny is a very basic example, which Homer uses to call everybody in Springfield one by one.

A simple auto-dialler cycles through a list of telephone numbers, automatically calling each in turn, and therefore cuts the risk of a human operator inputting a wrong number.

However, modern predictive diallers do much more than simply calling numbers from a list.

They can handle the whole process of dialling the number, placing the call, and waiting for a response.

Only when the receiver is picked up at the other end (or the call is accepted, in the case of mobile phone handsets) is the call routed to a human operator at the outbound end.

In an ideal world, this occurs seamlessly, so that the operator is connected without a perceptible pause – which is one reason why it is so important to invest in good predictive dialler software, to keep that pause to a minimum.

But a good predictive dialler can go even further than simply eliminating the time spent by operators waiting for somebody to answer.

It can also make more calls than the workforce could possibly handle at any one time – and while this may sound disastrous, it is actually one of the most useful features of the technology.

That is because a certain proportion of calls will go unanswered, which has the potential to waste huge amounts of time if a human operator is holding the line on each of those calls.

Predictive dialler software estimates what percentage of calls will fail to connect, and adds this to the total number of outbound calls made.

So if one in ten calls fails to connect for any reason, the software will make enough calls for 110% of your workforce.

You know that the surplus will fail to connect – and, therefore, 100% of your employees are connected to potentially profitable calls, without wasted time.

Linked with intelligent feedback throughout your campaign, the predictive dialler’s parameters can be adjusted as you go along, to ensure it is giving you the best possible chance of connecting with potential customers, and eliminating as many ’empty calls’ as possible from those made by your outbound contact centre.