How Daviker call centre technologies deliver big-number benefits

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You’ll often see some big-number benefits quoted in relation to Daviker call centre technologies, from double digit savings on operating costs, to triple digit increases in productivity.

Just some of the headline statistics of our contact centre solutions include:

  • TotalWorkFlow: Increase staff productivity by more than 30%.
  • Daviker Predictive Dialler: Increase talk time by up to 400%.
  • Workforce Management: Save over 30% on call centre staff costs.
  • Speech Analytics: 20-fold increase in analysis to 100% of calls 24/7/365.

But just how do Daviker contact centre technologies unlock these massive savings and productivity gains?

Automating repetitive call centre tasks

The answer is all down to call centre automation across a range of different repetitive tasks, as this reduces the admin burden and frees up those small increments of time that can add up to a lot of lost hours overall.

Daviker solutions like Daviker Predictive Dialler mean you can place more calls with fewer mistakes, eliminating the potential for human error when manually dialling the next telephone number.

In turn, when a contact centre agent becomes available, they can quickly be placed on their next call, maximising talk time and productivity.

Maximising compliance and first-call resolution

Call centre technologies like Daviker Speech Analytics and Workforce Management help to improve the standard of your calls, for faster responses to customer problems and a higher rate of first-call resolution.

Workforce Management in particular targets staff costs by accurately predicting the specific mix of skills you need on each shift, and scheduling the right individuals to meet all of those needs with the minimum total spend.

At the same time, Speech Analytics can analyse 100% of the calls that pass through your contact centre on a 24/7/365 basis, identifying any calls that cause concern and allowing you to take action to ensure compliance and to retrain staff for higher productivity.

Audits and observation

Daviker call centre solutions do not take control away from you – in fact, they give you even closer control of your contact centre activities, with a full audit trail whenever you need it.

TotalWorkFlow management software compiles information about the actions of individual call centre operators, so if retraining is required, you have a good basis to show the employee where they have gone wrong and how to improve.

Speech Analytics again helps by analysing 100% of calls, while Daviker Predictive Dialler includes the option to record calls from start to finish – even if they are transferred to a third party.

A comprehensive call centre suite

Any one Daviker call centre solution will help cut costs and improve productivity, but together they add up to a comprehensive contact centre suite of technologies with benefits that compound one another.

This is all while giving you closer control, transparent record-keeping, auditing and compliance, and the ability to revise your goals at any time.

By using multiple Daviker technologies together in a single call centre setting, you unlock the full potential of automating repetitive and laborious tasks, maximising talk time and reducing staff costs, and ultimately drive your productivity gains towards those big triple digit figures.