How contact centre solutions can save outsourced call centre contracts

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Daviker’s contact centre solutions tackle a range of common problems faced by all kinds of call centres, but which could particularly help to save outsourced call centre contracts that are not currently meeting targets.

A paper published in the Jan-Feb 2019 issue of the International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends looked at a real-world example of an outsourced call centre that was failing to meet its agreed performance indicators for a financial services provider.

Some of those key performance indicators included a target to resolve 75% of enquiries in the first call, and at least 90% of enquiries within five days.

The scale of UK contact centre operations

In the paper, the researchers note the vast size of the global call centre industry, including UK contact centre operations in particular.

They claim that the UK has well over 6,000 call centres employing nearly 600,000 operators in total, including both inbound and outbound contact centres.

“Nearly everybody in their day-by-day life has had the experience of reaching one of those call centres for an assortment of reasons,” they write.

“In the UK alone, in excess of ten million clients use their phone when managing an account.”

Recommendations for efficient contact centre operations

After analysing performance data from the outsourced contact centre, including historic percentage data for first-call and five-day resolution and quality scores based on voice recordings of calls, the researchers recommend several steps to achieve efficient contact centre operations.

These include ideas like:

  • Implementing proper call routing methods.
  • Putting in place effective automation of processes.
  • Recruiting and training the right people for the job.
  • Collecting and measuring accurate performance data.
  • Ensuring call centre technology is not obsolete.

In the study, the researchers also warn against environmental distractions that could hamper performance, including due to poorly performing network infrastructure.

How Daviker contact centre solutions can help

Daviker contact centre solutions overcome each of these problems and together help to create agile and efficient outsourced call centres that are better equipped to meet key performance criteria, with equivalent benefits for in-house contact centres too.

For example:

  • Daviker Predictive Dialler automates dialling and includes call queueing and Interactive Voice Response with up to a 400% increase in operator talk time.
  • TotalWorkFlow streamlines and automates labour-intensive tasks to increase productivity by up to 30% or more.
  • Workforce Management forecasts the skills you need for each shift, reducing staffing costs by a potential 30% or more.
  • Speech Analytics records calls end-to-end, even when transferred, and analyses 100% of calls for compliance and predetermined red flags.
  • Daviker Telecoms Solutions give you high-quality, resilient telecoms equipment while cutting costs at the same time.

This powerful suite of contact centre technologies can be used individually or together to compound the cost savings, efficiency and productivity gains, and opportunities to recruit and train staff in the most appropriate areas.

In doing so, this can allow outsourced call centres to meet their KPIs and retain contracts for longer, while both outsourced and in-house contact centres benefit from a reduced workload due to intelligent automation and an increase in first-call resolution rates.