How contact centre data analysis helps reduce costs

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Contact centre solutions like Daviker’s help you to record and analyse calls, but how does that contact centre data analysis translate into cost savings?

A paper presented at the EGUK Computer Graphics & Visual Computing 2018 conference at Swansea University gives some fresh insight into how contact centre data analysis similar to that enabled by Daviker contact centre solutions allows you to optimise factors like call duration, time of call and so on.

The study led by a team from the university uses data visualisations to determine how factors like time of day influence the duration of calls and the customer’s feedback rating.

In their analysis, they found that longer calls tend to take place before 2pm, after which the typical call duration gets shorter into the late afternoon and evening.

Defining positive call centre interactions

“Traditionally call centre metrics have centred around service times, queue wait times, abandonment rate and other similar metrics,” the researchers write.

“However, customer experience is a multifaceted metric with many influences that span multiple interactions between the organisation and the customer … it is important to continue to collect and analyse call records.”

Using contact centre solutions that collect and enable analysis of large volumes of data helps organisations to target positive customer experience and, the researchers say, can help to reduce overall call volume over time, relieving some of the workload from the call centre.

How does this help?

Aside from potentially reducing the number of calls that need to be handled at all, call centre data analysis can help organisations to target more positive customer experience.

The study notes that four out of five organisations consider positive customer experience to be a key factor in differentiating them from their competitors – and more than three quarters consider it to be the single most important strategic performance measure.

A similar proportion, 77% of those surveyed, say better customer experience has direct financial benefits, connecting reduced costs in their contact centre with improvements in positive customer interactions.

Connecting contact centre workflows and productivity

Daviker contact centre solutions help you to optimise workflows and productivity in your call centre, whether that means aiming for fewer or shorter calls, or simply maximising the positive outcomes from the time your team spends on the phone.

Tools like TouchStar Predictive Dialler make outgoing calls easier, automating the dialling process so your operators can spend more of their working day on talk time, and removing human errors when dialling long numbers.

Workflow solutions like TotalWorkFlow and Daviker Workforce Management mean you can manage shifts more effectively and optimise your staff spend, while routing tasks to the people best equipped for the job.

And Daviker Speech Analytics can identify individual calls that are a cause for concern, allowing you to eliminate the negative influences from your contact centre and improve customer experience to cut costs and increase productivity across the board.

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