Good call centre technology remains top of the tree

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Call centre technology – and especially good call centre technology – remains the most desirable option when it comes to serving customers better and providing support.

A recently published article in the Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies notes that in the five years to 2017, technology ranked as “the number one enabler to positively enhance customer service experience”.

This stat from the 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report forms part of an extensive study of call centre interactions spanning 220 randomly sampled customers from four contact centres with a total of 240 call agents employed.

Contact centre technologies that make sense

In the analysis, the author points out that while waiting for support from a call centre, customers are limited to only one sense – hearing – and this can lead to aggravation and boredom depending on the hold music and menu options they are given.

But several good contact centre technologies exist to help route them more quickly to the information they need, while making it easier for call centre agents to provide support to callers.

The article explains: “Previously when customers had a query they would call the call centre. Once the agents obtained a host of information, only then were they in a position to handle queries. Today though, technology has expedited the process.”

Some of the call centre technologies mentioned in the piece include:

  • Automatic Call Distribution: Routing inbound calls to available agents and directing specific enquiries to qualified members of staff.
  • Interactive Voice Recognition: Giving callers a menu of options, again allowing more tailored support to be provided faster.
  • Predictive Diallers: Automatically dialling the next number and assigning the outbound call to an available agent.

The journal article adds: “Many of these systems are simple to use and easy to understand, making the service encounter success and the technology adopted as user-friendly as possible to both front-line staff and customers alike.”

Better service, better support, better systems

Good call centre technologies are not only effective, they are also efficient, driving up productivity while driving down errors and wasted time.

Daviker’s Dialler is a good example of this, eliminating the repetitive and laborious task of manually dialling telephone numbers, removing the risk of manual entry errors and improving compliance with data protection and telephone preference schemes as a result.

ACD and IVR both help to route calls to available agents who are most qualified to handle them, not only maximising productivity but also ensuring callers get the best quality of service too.

As a consequence, first-call resolution rates increase, total time taken to resolve enquiries decreases and agent talk time is maximised, in some cases by an increase of 400%.

Contact centre technologies are mature with proven results in call centres worldwide – they are familiar to callers, and in many cases are even expected when a call is placed – all of which makes them a reliable way to maximise your call centre productivity and offer the very best standard of customer support 24/7/365.