Gold-Vision: We Celebrate Our Gold-Plated Partnership!

/ Daviker

We’re celebrating our solid gold partnership; having successfully utilised the services of leading Customer Relationship Management software providers, Gold-Vision for many years. We’re delighted that we now use the company’s most advanced modules, so here’s a little bit more about how we work together.

Gold-Vision’s Flexible CRM

UK-based Gold-Vision offers support to the full business-lifecycle, including customer management, sales and marketing automations, and project and events management. When the Daviker sales team required a CRM solution that would integrate with the third-party systems that we already had in place, we knew that Gold-Vision was perfectly tailored to our needs.

There is an extremely diverse array of contact centres to which we provide business solutions, such as our workforce management, speech analytics and telecoms. This means that having a static, inflexible system simply doesn’t work for us – with the Gold-Vision’s CRM, we are able to administer and change the configuration in many different ways, as our work evolves. Gold-Vision also integrates seamlessly with SQL report services, which is ideal for us.

Seamless Integration with Eventbrite

Events are also a vital aspect of our work; the Daviker calendar is always teeming with webinars and seminars. The Event Management section of Gold-Vision’s CRM is most useful, as it provides the ability to not only create the event but manage our contact strategy too. It integrates seamlessly with Eventbrite, which makes our entire events process more streamlined – with just one area to manage the event. Importing attendees is also automated, making the events planning process quick and simple. This gives us more time to focus on the content of our events, filling them with first-class contact centre solutions information.

Outstanding Aftercare

From the very beginning of the project, the team at Gold-Vision have worked to a very high standard – we were provided with a project manager and a dedicated implementation engineer who completed the work with minimal involvement from ourselves. We also found that Gold-Vision have the Midas touch when it comes to support and aftercare, as we were provided with a Citrix web meeting to ensure the work was delivered as expected and that we were fully acquainted with our new system.

The entire Daviker team is delighted with our latest CRM and the integration of Gold-Vision and Eventbrite. We’d like to thank Gold-Vision for all their hard work, past, present and future, and look forward to the continuation of this solid gold partnership.