How to enhance service levels in the call centre

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Any good call centre should be run to certain expected service levels, whether you define those in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction, or pure profit – or a combination of all of those factors and more.

So it makes sense to work towards improving your performance on any one service level or key performance indicator – or, again, across all of them – as an ongoing way to get more out of your call centre.

Here are just some of the ways you can begin to improve your operations, without necessarily requiring major transformation of your working procedures.

Workforce Management Software

Workforce management software gives you better control over your employees’ schedules, removing the complexity associated with manually choosing who should be working at any one time.

It’s a way to spread your available skills base over the full working week, so you should never be left facing a shift staffed entirely by recent hires when there are times elsewhere in the week when your call centre is staffed by the ultimate dream team of experienced and productive individuals.

Call Forecasting

If you have a better idea of the number of calls you’ll need to handle, you can make sure you have the staff on hand to maintain service levels at times of peak demand – without spending unnecessarily on staffing costs when demand is at its lowest.

Call forecasting helps you to plan ahead, but can also accommodate variability in your own workforce availability, such as peak holiday periods and other expected absences.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction may be one of your ideal outcomes, but it can also act as an input – because happier customers are less likely to call back to complain, escalate their issue to a more senior manager, or simply waste your agents’ time while ranting at them down the phone.

Focus on customer satisfaction levels first, and you can often achieve knock-on benefits elsewhere in your call centre in terms of productivity and efficiency, making this the gift that keeps on giving.

Speech Analytics

Linked to customer satisfaction is speech analytics software – a program to pick up on everything from specific words used on calls, to stress patterns in your agent’s and customer’s voices.

Red-flag calls that show cause for concern, and you can investigate them to find out what went wrong; this not only gives you the chance to focus on improving satisfaction as described above, but also on offering additional training and support to the agent to make sure they deal with such situations better in future.

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