Increase performance and compliance with Daviker Speech Analytics.

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The release of Daviker Speech Analytics Software has meant that finally call centres can monitor what is said by 100% of the agents 100% of the time without hiring an army of QA staff. The vision of a completely compliant call centre is now a reality.

Though compliance is essential so is a profitable call centre, Daviker Speech Analytics helps call centres to drive productivity by promoting the best sales practise on every call, maximising every opportunity to sell and cross sell.

Daviker Speech Analytics is based on the powerful Avaya Aurix platform and provides a way where Daviker customers can experience best of breed speech analytics at an affordable price.

“Daviker Speech Analytics helps our customers to reduce compliance costs but also, just as importantly, drive performance. Daviker Speech Analytics identifies performance issues in real time to management which is an incredibly powerful tool for any business.”

Dave Fricker, Managing Director