Contact centre technologies support an ageing population

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Contact centre technologies like Daviker’s can help your business to cope with an ageing population, both among your customers and in your workforce.

The challenges and opportunities raised by the ageing UK population were part of a presentation made at the recent UK National Contact Centre Conference, which was held at the British Library on November 6th.

Professor Moira Clark of Henley Business School at the University of Reading explained that the UK population is getting older, with many young people now expecting to live to the age of 110.

Older people – especially after retirement – have the vast majority of the UK population’s free time and may also hold a significant proportion of the nation’s wealth and disposable income/savings.

But they also experience specific challenges, such as poorer eyesight that can make it more difficult for them to use visible support materials, especially if they need to read small print.

Many of these characteristics combine to make telephone support and customer contact centre technologies even more important to serving this demographic, as well as offering employment opportunities to older individuals in call centres.

Cater for an ageing customer base

Older customers know that time is precious and according to Professor Clark’s presentation, they share several general characteristics:

  • They seek out interpersonal relationships.
  • They delegate decisions to service providers they trust.
  • They are easily distracted when making decisions.

Good call centre support is the ideal way to cater for these customers, with genuine one-to-one human interaction rather than an online troubleshooting wizard or FAQ page.

In many cases the current generation of elderly customers still do not have a computer or internet access, making telephone contact centres a crucial point of contact for them when they need support.

Professor Clark added that service personnel must have good listening skills and pay attention patiently to what customers are and are not saying.

Daviker Speech Analytics is an excellent tool to keep track of this, monitoring every call that passes through your contact centre and identifying high-risk calls for manual monitoring and appropriate intervention.

Support your ageing workforce

An ageing workforce is not necessarily a bad thing in contact centres, where there is little to no manual work required.

Daviker contact centre technologies can help to overcome some of the limitations of older employees, while capitalising on the unique benefits they bring to your business.

For example, Daviker Dialler is a predictive dialler that can automate outgoing calls, removing the need for employees in your contact centre to manually dial telephone numbers.

This removes the risk of human error while also relieving workers of a repetitive task that could be especially uncomfortable for older individuals who have worked in the profession for many years.

Meanwhile, Workforce Management can optimise your staffing on each shift, cutting costs by as much as 30% while ensuring your most experienced employees are scheduled to the shifts where their expertise is needed most.

We are living longer as a population overall – and by definition, customer contact centres must adapt to offer the best level of service to older people, especially in industries where a large percentage of your customer base or revenue might be derived from that demographic.