Gearing Up Your Call Centre for the Busy Christmas Period

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With Christmas approaching, call centres all over the UK are well into the busiest period of the year. If your company experiences seasonal peaks during the autumn and winter months, there are certain contact centre solutions you can install to prepare your workforce for the increased call volume and therefore relieve pressure on your company as a whole.


Invest in Predictive Dialling Software

A predictive dialler is a proven way to improve both efficiency and productivity in a contact centre environment. Having one in place means that your staff spend less time dialling, freeing them up for more talk-time. The TouchStar Predictive Dialler boasts impressive numbers – with TouchStar, levels of productivity are approximately 400% higher than manual dialling and 190% higher than other predictive diallers. This particular predictive dialler can also provide up to a 600% increase in data penetration and utilisation.

Using a predictive dialler is a streamlined approach, and you can expect to save on staffing costs by up to 60%; this is a particularly relevant saving at Christmas time, when it’s highly likely that you have hired temporary staff to cope with the increased level of inbound calls. It will also free up call-handlers that possess specific or expert knowledge, with the correct calls routed directly to them.


Using Speech Analytics to Improve Call Quality

Customer satisfaction is a priority at any time of year, but the busy Christmas period is the hardest time of year to keep your callers happy. Our sophisticated Speech Analytics uses voice-recognition technology to confirm that your staff are acting in compliance, reading terms and conditions and following correct procedure. It can also flag up where staff might need additional training, without the need to check every single inbound and outbound call.

This software is also beneficial in detecting the tone of a call. Speech analytics can recognise voice patterns and is competent in flagging up any calls that become heated. In being able to identify quickly where these high-risk calls are occurring, you will be able to offer extra training to inexperienced staff who might not be acting accordingly – a threat that might be higher at Christmas when temporary staff are working. While other call centre solutions tend to deal with the quantity of calls, speech analytics software can help improve the quality.


Workflow Solutions That Work For You

Our TotalWorkFlow system works by mapping processes and delivering and building them into software. It can achieve high performing results by automating the most complex and time-consuming tasks. This contact centre solutions software is also able to predict cash flow and increase productivity among staff by over 30%.

Over Christmas and during the busier months, this can help with gift orders and processing. Workflow solutions will streamline your business by computerising complicated tasks, making data management easier and more effective and overall, saving your staff precious time.

If you would like more advice on gearing up your company with contact centre solutions and preparing for the Christmas period you can contact the Daviker team – we’ll only be happy help. We’d also like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all our partners and clients!