Are You Cloud Contact Centre Ready?

/ Cloud Computing

Contact centres are under ever-increasing pressure to evolve – particularly within the customer service industry and its rapidly-changing technology. Speculation as to how this will play out exactly is rife, with experts claiming that the Cloud is the future of call centres – but what does this actually mean, for both business and consumer?

In a recent piece for the online communications commentary No Jitter, Liz Osborn, Vice President of Product and Solution Marketing at Five9, identified the industry developments that were impacting customer contact centres, and sure enough, the Cloud was one of them. She states that “Cloud contact center technology is making companies more competitive” and touches upon the improved agility that a centre achieves when using the Cloud.

This increase in agility is displayed in the swiftness in which companies now react to changes in customer behaviour – and with ‘The Age of the Customer’ having well and truly dawned upon us, the quicker you are, the better your advantage. Cloud contact centres are also more flexible, with the ability to scale back on call agents or sales reps as needed – or likewise, add more, as traffic increases.

Cloud contact centres also harness the benefits of an integrated solutions system – they’re no longer forced to make do with a complex combination of numerous hardware and software vendors. These days, providers such as ourselves offer end-to-end bundles of services that work comprehensively with cloud software – systems which are more simple and easier to adjust than ever before. This means that companies can tailor their services in a much more flexible way – adding tenfold to the customer service experience, an industry which is growing more and more demanding.

Adam Lamrock, Director of Enterprise Intelligence at Call Journey concurs on this, and says that the shift to Cloud contact centres will also cut costs. He has also identified the amount of companies planning on switching, and says, “[Using the Cloud] will allow companies to rent bundles of equipment and software, and stay competitive at a fraction of the cost. Unconstrained by the technicalities, contact centres will shift their focus to tuning their performance by applying the insights gathered by customised analytic reports. Forrester data backs this up: 16% of contact center buyers indicate they will move their contact center systems to the cloud in the future.”

Staying competitive in a developing industry is all about evolution. Companies must be ready to advance with every change in technology, particularly one that is supported by both industry experts and businesses alike. Getting Cloud contact centre ready is simple – thanks to its very nature, our system is quick and easy to implement, and will be up and running in days rather than months.

Daviker has long believed that Cloud technology is the future of contact centre management. As such we are proud to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution in terms of a fully-integrated, Cloud contact centre. If you require information on any of these products or have decided your business needs to be Cloud contact centre ready, please don’t hesitate to contact the team today.