Choosing the Right Predictive Dialler

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A predictive dialler is a good way to improve efficiency in an outbound contact centre, but not all predictive diallers are the same – so how do you know which one you should choose?

In the case of Daviker’s TouchStar Predictive Dialler, the argument is compelling – here are just some of the key features.

Raising Productivity

Slash the time taken to manually dial each number, by allowing TouchStar to dial for you. This can raise productivity by 400% and has even been found to be 190% more productive than other predictive diallers on the market.

Further raise productivity by preventing unanswered calls from being routed through to your call centre operators, meaning no time wasted while listening to a ringing telephone line – answering machines can be handled automatically too, and together these measures can increase your total talk time threefold.

Ensuring Compliance

It’s not all about profit – by ensuring you are 100% compliant with regulations, you can avoid costly, time-consuming and reputation-damaging enforcement action later.

Daviker work with the relevant authorities to ensure TouchStar complies with TPS, PCI and Ofcom rules, so that you can feel comfortable about making large numbers of outbound calls without breaching the relevant regulations.

Increasing Utilisation

Using data effectively is a key factor in making the most profit from it, but with the huge amounts of information generated in the course of a single day in a sizeable call centre, it can quickly become very difficult to collate it all together in a sensible way.

TouchStar improves data penetration and, significantly, eliminates redundant data, helping to keep a lid on the amount of information you have to work with.

As a result, utilisation rates can improve by a massive 600%, with direct access to your most valuable data available to your call centre operators in real time.


Finally, if you needed a further reason to trust Daviker, look no further than the fact that TouchStar Predictive Dialler offers interoperability with third-party systems.

This means calls recorded using TouchStar can be transferred off of the system and on to a third-party platform, without a minute of recorded talk time being lost.

However, with broad telecoms services, speech analytics and SMS contact tools also available from Daviker, it is unlikely you will need products or services from a third party in order to get your contact centre working at much greater efficiency and productivity rates than are achievable with predictive diallers from other vendors.